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Why Digital Menu Boards Are Right for You

Are Digital Menu Boards right for you? The old static menu board solution is a staple in many QSR setups, but this solution does have limitations – digital menu boards eliminate many of these limitations and boost your bottom line.

The Current Limitation of Static Menus

  • Successful restauranteurs know that they should always be looking for ways to reinvent themselves to stay current for guests. For every price change, menu addition or recipe adjustment a new menu board installation may be required which means printing costs and labour to change out the boards
  • Another limitation is the space they can take up, making it challenging to print an entire diverse menu onto static menu boards.
  • 3) Employees (especially new employees) struggle with upselling at the cash register despite the time and effort poured into training them to do so. Without modern technology to help, employees rely on verbal descriptors to paint a picture.
  • While some find it natural to upsell with descriptive words, this is not a skill newly trained employees can easily or quickly grasp, because of that, sales ultimately suffered.

The Importance of Innovating

Technology can influence how your restaurant operates and where today’s patrons decide to eat, Digital Menu Boards offer a fresh, modern approach to an old solution and a massive opportunity for your restaurant to attract and enthral more customers.

Digital menu board - In action

The Advantages of Digital Menu Boards

  • Ordering is easier and the customer’s experience is improved. A digital menu board supports full colour static & animated images which enhances the atmosphere and visual aesthetics in your establishment. Perceived waiting times are reduced as the customer sees promotions and other engaging content on your digital menu boards.
  • Sales are increased. The first place your customer will look is up at the menu boards where you can display upcoming promotions or other engaging content resulting in an uptick of sales – you could see as much as an 8% increase in sales.
  • Operational perks include easier upselling, pair menu items together in imagery or recommend additional sides. You also benefit from unparalleled convenience when you need to update your menu with price changes and item adjustments.

The Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

With a digital menu board, you can show eye-catching visuals that perfectly depict your food offerings which will incite an extra level of excitement and enjoyment for customers before they even ordered their meal.