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Valentine’s Day Promo Ideas

Valentine's Day Promo

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay Here are six Valentine’s Day Promo ideas to have a successful Valentine’s Day Promotion and increase profits!

For some Valentine’s Day is that one special day of the year where they get to spend one on one time with their partner. For others, it’s a day getting rushed through a service, packed elbow-to-elbow with other diners in a cramped floor plan.

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay and is the prime time for your restaurant to cash in after a slow January. For a restaurant owner, the big downside to valentines day is – Your guest might view it as the worst day of the year to eat out.

With that in mind here are six ideas to have a successful Valentine’s Day Promotion.

Valentine’s Day Promo Ideas

1) Set Course Meal:

Throughout your old menu for one night only. It’s going to be a busy evening, and this is one way to improve service.

Setting a three or 5 Course meal has a few advantages:

  • Better Stock Control.
  • You can do All or Most of your prep work beforehand.
  • Speeds up production.
  • Rework your dishes to make sure your special is profitable.

2) Complimentary Glass of wine/champagne :

Make them feel special by offering a complimentary glass of wine or Champagne when seated. It also works wonders if you have people waiting to be seated if you have a bar invite them to enjoy a complimentary drink.

3) Decorations:

You don’t have to go overboard on the day, adding a little flair to the decor is more than enough. There are plenty of items you may already have at your restaurant or home to make some low-cost decorations.

Follow this link to get some inspiring Low-cost Valentines day Center Pieces.

4) Spruce up your Dishes:

Don’t stop at just the decor, go a step further and add some romance to your dishes.

Valentine’s Day- Food Ideas

Follow these links for some love inspired food ideas.

5) Night-In Packages:

If you can’t beat them try another angle, Not everyone will be going out for valentines day so why not cater to them. Putting together a package for Couples opting to stay in for the night has a few advantages for you:

  • Increased sales without turning anyone away.
  • You’re making additional sales, and you can still fill your seats.
  • Less pressure on your FOH too.

6) Advertise Your Valentine’s Day Promo:

It’s always important to advertise, and thankfully with Social media (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and digital advertising like website advertising, Google Ads and Facebook Ads), it’s a relatively inexpensive affair.

You also have in-store signage and staff to promote your upcoming promotion.

February is right around the corner and Valentines Day slap bang in the middle of the month, you still have time to try these valentine’s day promo ideas and cash in on Valentine’s Day.