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The Ideal Technology For a Busy Establishment

Self-service kiosk

Efficiency meets autonomy

Our Self-Service Kiosks offer numerous benefits to restaurants, including improved efficiency, order accuracy, customization options, faster service, upselling opportunities, and cost savings. These kiosks have become a valuable tool for enhancing the overall dining experience and meeting the changing needs and preferences of customers.

Give customers more control over their dining experience. They can take their time to browse the menu, explore options, and make decisions
without feeling rushed. This reduces the likelihood of mistakes or misunderstandings that can occur when orders are taken by staff.

The Future Of Convenience

Our Unity Self-Service Kiosk modernises the restaurant space. Take advantage of larger real estate and digital displays to create an interactive touchpoint that makes ordering in-store fast, efficient and cuts the queue.

Key Features of Our Self-Service Kiosks

Ordering & self-checkout:

Allow customers to place and pay for an order at a kiosk station, while shortening the queue.

Product info:

Customers can browse and view items at their own pace and learn more, such as ingredients & allergens.

Customer registration & loyalty:

Our Unity Self-Service Kiosk integrates seamlessly with our Rewards App. This system tracks repeat visits using a kiosk and allows you to easily reward and incentivise your customers.

Interactive content:

Take advantage of high-definition video and animations to grab customer attention and up-sell to your customers.

Why Invest in our Self-Service Kiosks?

Self-Service Kiosks improve efficiency and frees up employees to focus on customer-facing tasks.

A New Modern Sales channel that reduces wait times and queues while increasing sales.

Integrates seamlessly with our Customer Fusion System and Kitchen Fusion System. Notify customers faster with our integrated fusion system that brings your Front-of-House with your Back-of-House.

Take advantage of our Unity Rewards App and allow customers to redeem vouchers and earn points.

SSK solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Ultimately our Unity Self-Service Kiosks are designed to complement your customers’ interactions with staff and augment the customer experience. Wait staff continue to greet customers, answer questions, and serve more customers while the kiosk takes orders.

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