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Tips For Converting To A Take-Out Delivery Model

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Tips For Converting To Take-Out Delivery

Tips For Converting To A Take-Out Delivery Model – Getting food safely to your customers and striving to get your business afloat during these difficult times is a challenge. Take-out and Delivery has seen a boost in the last few years, and with the current situation, it has become one of the most viable options for restaurants.

Before shifting your business to a Take-out and Delivery based business models, here are a few things to consider.

Tips For Converting To Take-Out Delivery

1) Staffing: Reopening can be chaotic the first few days, so make sure you have the right staff on hand and enough staff to deal with calls and keeping up the orders. You will need people who have a terrific service ethic to make the take-out experience as pleasant as possible.

2) Develop a Takeout menu: Make use of menu engineering methods to create a menu with dishes that are popular, profitable, easy to make and quick to fulfil.

3) New Procedures: Remember to keep your distance! , best practice is to set-up procedures for a safer hand-off, some restaurants have used tables to make a clear barrier between servers and customers. Ensure that staff are wearing gloves and masks and that surfaces are kept clean at all times.

4) Equipment: Having the right equipment can make or break your operation. Make sure you have enough phones and open lines to receive orders telephonically. Ensure your POS terminals are all in operation and your kitchen and appliances are in working order.

5) Outsourcing: If you lack the resources to incorporate a delivery component to your business model; consider outsourcing to companies like Mr D and Uber Eats to fulfil deliveries.

6) Advertising and promotion: When you are ready to start trading again it’s necessary to inform your customers. Open up all your channels of communication (Such Flyers, SMS, Phone Calls, Social media, Outdoor signage, Newspapers) to educate and inform your customers about when you will be opening and how you will be trading.

7) Competitors: Keep a leg-up on the competition! Monitor how your competitors are navigating and marketing during the pandemic and Keep abreast of the rapidly changing trends and legislation that impacts the industry.

8) Online Oderinging: Your GAAP Point of Sale supports a variety of 3rd party online ordering solutions like:

Above all else remember to add value for your customers, these are trying times and everyone is struggling, so keep them safe, satisfied and give them service with a smile.