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Three Essential Tips For Managing Your Staff

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Here are the three essential tips for managing your staff and customers during the current climate we find ourselves in and make operating your business a little less challenging.

COVID is still a big concern and a responsibility that falls on every restaurant owner to keep staff and customers safe – a task that is not easy and stressful with additional unrest in the country. We want to help you keep your doors open as long as possible and have put together some helpful tips that you can incorporate into your business today.

Essential Tips For Managing Your Staff & Customers

It’s all down to your staff.

​Your staff represent your business, and have the most contact with your customers so ensuring they social distance and follow your hygiene protocol is essential. Encourage your staff to be your brand champions. Let them know how valuable they are to the success of the business and that their actions impact the business and in turn, their jobs.

Don’t let fear control your day.

​Most people are worried about the virus and other unrest murmuring through the country, and reminding them about this constant fear is not good for business and can be stressful if it’s a constant reminder. However, you can turn a negative into a positive that will not only make sure your staff are following good hygiene practise but also build confidence with your customers. Reward your staff, reward those that make it their responsibility to keep customers and staff safe. An employee of the month program is a good start and something you can celebrate with customers in-store and through social media.

Safety First.

​Sadly, not everyone wants to wear a mask or are happy with the new rules, while no one wants to lose a customer, closing your doors is worse. So you need to stand your ground and make it your responsibility to keep everyone safe. Ensure customers have masks, and make sure your staff are protected even if they don’t like wearing a mask and gloves/sanitizing. This is, unfortunately, the world we need to adapt to.