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The Wow Experience

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The Wow Experience

Christmas time is filled with making memorable experiences for your customers as this time is spent with family and friends. Here are 5 tips to get you ready to give your client’s the wow experience.

First impressions:

within seconds of walking into a restaurant customers form an impression. Make sure you have staff at the entrance to welcome customers in making them feel looked after from the start to finish, they will feel special and wanting to come back again.

Communication is king:

being honest with the customer on waiting times will decrease any frustration should there be further delays. Remind your staff to offer the customers a drink at the bar while they wait which will increase revenue and leave the customer feeling looked after.

Staff meetings:

This is extremely important as this is when you can go through the specials, shortage on stock items and motivation to provide top notch service during this stressful time. Set expectations and embrace the volume. Getting your staff to work as a team will see you through the season with ease.

Keep it clean:

as the crowds keep coming and the day runs away with you, make sure to remind your staff to keep an eye out for serviettes, stray knives and folks that have been dropped on the floor and such things. Empty glasses and plates that have piled up on side tables, nooks and crannies should be cleared out of sight. Spills should be cleaned up immediately and any dirty table cloths should be replaced before the next customer is seated.

Farewell till we see you again:

Big smiles, thank you’s and hope to see you soon go along way when a customer is leaving. It will create a positive lasting impression and show your customers that you value their patronage. Guaranteed to have new and old customers coming back.

This is just a friendly reminder to help you through the madness.