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The Exchange

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The Exchange

You may or may not know that GAAP integrates into a system called THE EXCHANGE. THE EXCHANGE is an unrivalled tool for driving sales and changing customer buying behavior in your bar, pub or club. It engages your customers, encourages them to extend their visits, has them returning week after week and increases spend per head. Basically it is an in-house trading system on items of your choice to boost sales and create an interactive vibe where your customers can get involve and have fun.

So how does this work? THE EXCHANGE is compatible with GAAP Point of Sale and is installed. You select the products to ‘float’ on the stock market, and minimum and maximum prices for each. Then schedule a ‘market crash’ to create buzz and drive sales during quiet periods or traditional exodus times or for a themed evening. Real time trading graphics display on your TV screens as drinks prices rise and fall depending on demand. Customers get red-hot trading tips via Twitter. It allows the client to dramatically increase sales and drive sales on specific lines at specific times whilst under the guise of great interactive fun for the customer.

THE EXCHANGE is fun, social and interactive. This is something completely new that creates a hype about your venue and will get customers telling all their friends about it. Unity Bar has hosted a few of these evenings and this is what they had to say about it. ‘We have used THE EXCHANGE on some of our themed evenings and it worked well. Our customers engaged in this new concept and enjoyed the extra excitement it brought to Unity Bar. The system is easy to operate and we defiantly see the benefit of hosting these evenings’. Mo, Unity Bar Manager.