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Ten Management Tips to Improve Your Restaurant

Top Ten Management Tips to Improve Your Restaurant Today

Top Ten Management Tips to Improve Your Restaurant Today- Running a restaurant is no easy task with various aspects of the job require focussed attention – from customers, to staff to suppliers. As a manager, you should always be looking for ways to get the most out of your operation. These ten management tips can help you achieve that and more.

Management tips for your restaurant

1) Have a mission: Goals drive you and move you forward, with a clear goal to work towards, you can push yourself to something better. Your ultimate goal for your restaurant is that mission. Decide what you want to achieve long term, make it known, and repeat it often.

2) Plan ahead: Once you have your goals, you should do a little planning. Start by fleshing out your business plan. Start by looking for and anticipating needs and problems. Then building out operation procedures to ensure consistency and reduce potential problems.

3) Restaurant Niche: What entices your customers to choose your restaurant over another? Identify what you do best. Once you have your niche, do some homework. This may lead to a specific audience and provide new opportunities to demonstrate the value of your business.

4) Make your presence known: Take time to get out on the floor and make yourself known and interact with your customers. Introducing yourself and seeking feedback shows you care and will leave an impression not only on your customers but also your staff.

5) Networking: Build visibility by connecting with other businesses, find like-minded business owners who may want to exchange wisdom or lend a hand. Networking can be very lucrative for your business and can lead to Partnership opportunities.

6) Innovate: Be open to new ideas, technology and trends. Looking for innovative ways to do business can save you time and money, streamline your operation or increase sales.

7) Delegate: There is just too much to handle for one person; that is why delegating is essential for a manager to master. Start by entrusting the less critical day-to-day chores to trusted employees to free you up to focus on other concerns your restaurant will face. This delegation also helps employees see what is involved in day-to-day operations (transparency) and trains them to take more responsibility later.

8) Celebrate Success: Everyone needs a little encouragement. Positive reinforcement has shown to make staff perform at their best. It can be as simple as taking a moment to pull them aside and commend them on a good job or highlighting successes at staff meetings so everyone can learn what constitutes a good job.

9) Continuously improve your business: This is an essential aspect of operating a restaurant. Working on your business is more than keeping things functioning or day-to-day operation. It is a holistic and ongoing long-term exercise to keep your restaurant “fresh”. Examine dining trends, marketing results and overall business practises. Take note of things that yield positive results and focus on those.

10) Put Customer Satisfaction First: Customer satisfaction is the end goal for every decision you make when a customer issue pops up. The way you deal with these situations and scenarios goes a long way toward influencing how customers perceive your restaurant and what your employees will draw on when they face similar challenges.

How you go about getting that satisfaction may vary, but what you’re looking for is a minimal compromise solution that will positively affect the customer and subsequently your business.