Training & Support

GAAP Training

As part of our on-going strategy to deliver more value to our clients, GAAP offers FREE training country-wide. We hold classroom environment training sessions weekly in all major centres.

Our classroom training sessions will maximise the benefit you get from your investment; from basic system operation and daily stock checking, to the more advanced features such as manufacturing and food cost calculations.

Basic Training includes: A basic understanding of the GAAP Back Office module: How to edit menu items, stock items and recipes. How to do a Goods Received Note (Purchase Invoice). How to count and enter stock and a general understanding of certain history reports - Enough to get you comfortable with your Back Office Module.

Intermediate Training includes: A more in-depth look at GAAP. How to set budgets, to manufacture goods in-house, portion control, Weekly food cost analyses, How to create automatic purchase orders etc. We also go through every report in detail and show you how you could possibly minimise your losses.

Advanced Training: For those clients who are using GAAP to the fullest extent- We will personally come to your store, go through your system and walk you through every aspect of GAAP in your business. This is ONLY if you have been to the previous two training sessions in a year.

A few points to consider about the back-office training session before making a commitment:

It is imperative that the site owner has a good understanding of the GAAP package, and it is highly recommended that they attend a training session before or with their managers.
A senior staff member is required to attend the back-office training session BEFORE stock is loaded onto your system.
The member attending must be computer literate.

You can book yourself on the next available training session by -

Filling out the training request form at the top of this page.
Calling the National Call Centre - 0861 745 260.
Contacting your nearest GAAP Office.

Customer Support

GAAP has built up a solid name in the hospitality industry over the past 30 years for support excellence. We pride ourselves in professional support and being available 24/7/365. We strive to resolve issues timeously as we fully understand that minimizing down time with your POS positively affects your bottom line. With 10 branches throughout the country, we offer on-site support anywhere in South Africa. We have the highest technician to customer ration amongst our competitors, ensuring availability of support assistance when you need it most.


Email-to-Case Functionality

Support excellence is at the core of GAAP's value proposition and we are constantly exploring ways to improve our customer experience. We are investing heavily in technology to streamline and simplify the support process for our customers

We're delighted to announce our new channels for requesting assistance with any of your GAAP Point of Sale products and services. This is a hassle-free way to make contact with our call centre via email.

Simply email to automatically log a support case with our call-centre and your case will be attended to by the next available support agent. You will receive an immediate response with your case number and your case will join a priority queue.

How to Log a Case:

  • Open an email and insert the relevant email address in the To: field
  • Insert your Account Number in the subject line Need help with your Account Number? Check your most recent invoice or statement or you can check the last case you logged with us. This is very important, if you do not include the account number then your case will not be created.
  • Give us a brief description of the issue you are experiencing in the body of the email.
  • Include a contact number in case we need to call you for more information.

GAAP National Call-Centre - 0861 745 260

GAAP has a national Call-Centre that is the first point of contact for all our customers across the country. All calls are recorded and logged into our sophisticated Call-Centre tracking software, this is why a reference number is issued for all calls. Please make sure you insist on a reference number to assist when following up on an outstanding issue.

Call-Centre staff will perform some basic problem solving with you telephonically and have the capability to dial into your store and assist remotely. If the issue can't be resolved telephonically or remotely then our Call-Centre will dispatches a technician on-site in the relevant region. These on-site calls are then monitored by the Call-Centre manager as well as the various branch managers around the country. Any on-site calls not being resolved in a timeous manor will be escalated to management attention. All calls to the Call Centre are recorded and we have the ability to pull Call-Centre recordings to investigate customer queries.

Even requests for non-support related queries like training & stationery should be logged with the Call-Centre who in turn will distribute to the relevant branch for action. If customers call our technicians on their direct lines, these calls are unfortunately not logged and cannot be monitored or investigated by management.