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St Paddy’s Promotional Tips

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St Paddy's Promotional Tips

Campaign Ideas For Your Next Promotion

Lean into the theme: Themes and Holidays are fun tie-ins for any campaign, and St Paddy’s Day is one of the easiest to pull off. You can go as big as you want to. What you need is to bring in some green into your establishment and a lucky four-leaf clover here and there won’t hurt either.

Coupons/Vouchers: Use coupons to drive more foot traffic into your store.
Example: Any one wearing green or dressed up on the evening of St Paddy’s Day receives a voucher for 10% off redeemable in the month of March.

Happy Hour: Happy hour is a popular solution for bringing in customers on slow days or quieter periods, and a good way to get the St Paddy’s Day celebrations to start early.

Food and Drink Combos: A food/drink combo can be a very successful campaign amongst customers looking for value for money. A carefully planned combo is both profitable and offers value to your customers.

Discounts: Try offering a discount on selected themed items, like green beer!