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Six Valentine’s Day Promotions

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Valentine's Day Promotions

It’s the month of love!

February is here! And with it comes Valentines Day, an auspicious day for hopeless romantics.

Six Valentine’s Day Promotion Strategies

For the savvy restaurateur, this is also a fantastic opportunity to bring in much-needed business after the holiday rush slow-down. For a restaurant owner, the big downside to valentines day is – Your guest might view it as the worst day of the year to eat out, and many of your dinners may choose to dine in instead of going out. So to give you a great head start to planning and preparing your Valentine’s Day Promotions here are Six Valentine’s Day Promotions ideas for you to try.

Valentine’s Set Course Meal: We have recommended this one in the past and for good reason! Set Course meals are an excellent way to manage and improve service.

Setting a three or 5 Course meal has a few advantages:

  • Better Stock Control.
  • You can do All or Most of your prep work beforehand.
  • Speeds up production.
  • Rework your dishes to make sure your special is profitable.

If a set course wont work in your establishment, then put a unique romantic twist to your standard courses to make the day a little special.

Complimentary Glass of Cocktail: Many restaurants have offered a free glass of wine or “Champagne, but cocktails are in this year and way more fun. Sit with your mixologist and put together a signature love potion cocktail. It is also a good idea to offer something to any patrons to be seated.

Rethink your décor: This is another recommendation we are sticking with! You don’t need to get an interior decorator to make the most of your space. Adding a little flair can go a long way. Need some inspiration? There are plenty of items you may already have at your restaurant or home to make some low-cost decorations.

Follow this link to get some inspiring Low-cost Valentines day Center Pieces.

Dine-in options: What was once a growing trend has become a way of life for some of your patrons and dining in is an option for those who prefer the cosy comforts of home.

Remember to cater for this group. Putting together a package for couples opting to stay in for the night has a few advantages for you:

  • Increased sales without turning anyone away.
  • You’re making additional sales, and you can still fill your seats.
  • Less pressure on your FOH too.
  • Online ordering platforms have made this a feasible option to promote your online specials.
Six Valentine's Day Promotion Strategies

Spread the word: Remember to spread the word before the big day, we recommend starting early, at the very least a week before the big day.

Social media is a cost-effective way to push your promotions, and with WhatsApp business, you can have a direct connection with your loyal patrons. Budget for some advertising. It’s always important to advertise, and thankfully with digital advertising like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, it’s a relatively inexpensive affair.