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Safety comes first

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Safety comes first

2014 is almost done and 2015 is peaking its head around the corner. It’s a well-known fact that crime increases over this time of the year. Make sure you, your staff and patrons aren’t easy targets with these useful tips:

  1. Ensure that all your staff knows where the panic buttons are. Don’t forget to test them by calling your security company and telling them you are testing your panic buttons.
  2. Keep your restaurant locked while cleaning, cash ups and staff meetings are being held.
  3. If you have tables that are on the pavement where through traffic occurs, make sure that your waitrons are keeping their eyes peeled for suspicious lurkers.
  4. Try to greet customers as they enter your business. Look them in the eye, and ask them if they need help. Your attention can discourage a robber.
  5. Keep your business well-lit, inside and outside. Employees should report any burned-out lights to the business owner or manager. Keep trees and bushes trimmed, so they don’t block any outdoor lights.
  6. If your business is robbed put your safety first. Your personal safety is more important than money or merchandise.
  7. Don’t talk except to answer the robber’s questions.
  8. Don’t stare directly at the robber.
  9. Prevent surprises; keep your hands in sight at all times.
  10. Don’t make any sudden moves.
  11. Don’t chase or follow the robber out of your place of business.