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Restaurant Manager Don’ts – Part 2

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Restaurant Manager Don’ts

As a restaurant manager, it is crucial to be aware of the common mistakes you should avoid. In this article, we will discuss key don’ts for restaurant managers to ensure a successful operation.

Avoid These Restaurant Manager Don’ts

In our previous article we covered a few things you shouldn’t be doing as a restaurant manager. Did you find yourself guilty of any of the points mentioned? It may be useful to keep a note of these points for the next new manager in your restaurant.Here are more Restaurant Manager Don’ts to avoid

Disciplining Employees in Front of Customers

One of the significant don’ts for restaurant managers is disciplining employees in front of customers. When an employee breaks a rule or makes a mistake, it is important to address the issue privately. Disciplining employees in front of customers can create an uncomfortable experience for them and potentially discourage their return. Moreover, it can lead to employee dissatisfaction and even turnover.

Letting a Customer Leave Unhappy

Another important don’t for restaurant managers is allowing customers to leave unhappy. When a customer expresses dissatisfaction, it is essential to go above and beyond to resolve their concerns before they depart. While it may require additional expenses, such as comping a meal or offering a voucher for their next visit, prioritizing customer satisfaction yields long-term benefits.

Not Giving Positive Feedback

Restaurant managers should not overlook the significance of providing positive feedback to their employees. While it is important to address mistakes and areas of improvement, it is equally vital to recognize and appreciate employees’ good work. Acknowledging their efforts fosters a positive work environment, resulting in happier and more motivated employees who are dedicated to ensuring customer happiness.

Mistreating Employees

Mistreating employees is a definite don’t for restaurant managers. Employees are the backbone of any restaurant, and mistreating them can have serious consequences. Unfair treatment, hostility, or lack of respect can lead to employee disengagement, absenteeism, and subpar work quality. Nurturing a supportive and respectful work environment is essential for employee loyalty and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Lack of Communication with Employees

Restaurant managers must avoid a lack of communication with their employees. Effective and open communication is crucial for the smooth operation of a restaurant. Whether it’s menu changes, special instructions for dish preparation, or any other relevant information, managers must ensure that employees are well-informed. Transparent communication leads to happier and more competent employees who can effectively keep customers satisfied.

Restaurant managers must be mindful of these don’ts to succeed in their roles. By avoiding disciplinary actions in front of customers, prioritizing customer satisfaction, providing positive feedback, treating employees with respect, and maintaining open communication, managers can foster a thriving restaurant environment. Remember, following these don’ts contributes to happier employees, satisfied customers, and overall success in the competitive restaurant industry.”