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Reaching Customers

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Reaching Customers

Wouldn’t it be great to make your customers feel like old friends? Reaching your customers is a must for a restaurant to continue thriving. 

Engagement is the name of the game when reaching your customers. Here are five ways to reach and grow your customer base. Let’s get started!

Five Ways To Reach Your Customer Base

Engage with customers directly. 

Take the time to speak to as many in-store customers directly and find ways to interact with them. 

Start by asking them about their meal and the service. Show customers that you care about their experience. Ask if there is anything you can do to improve on service. Your customers will feel more included which leads to positive word of mouth. 

Ensure your Menu is Viewable online.

Customer decision making has changed, and many of your customers will be online. Ensure you make your menu available online. There are many ways to get your menus online. The fastest way is to use your social media presents. 

Another more efficient way to get your menu online is to use Online Ordering to get your menu online. Online Ordering also opens up a new revenue stream and brings in more sales.

Offer Social Media Specials.

It’s not realistic to be able to reach every customer that enters your establishment, social media is a way to reach your fans and to keep the interactions going when they go home. 

Give your customers a reason to follow you online. Offering Social Media Specials is an excellent way to grow your followers and get them coming back. 

Create a Rewards Program.

Social Media and running soRewards programs – The Basicscial media specials is not the only way to entice your customers to keep returning. Rewards programs are one of the most effective ways to generate repeat purchases. 

Rewarding customers for their continued business, in turn, motivate customers to keep making those purchases. They feel that they are getting something back. 

Send a direct mailing campaign.

Rewards programs, Social Media and interacting with customers are all about building relationships. When you make that connection, you want to keep that momentum. That’s why you should always be trying to build a mailing/messaging list and build a messaging campaign.

Make your messages short, use these campaigns to show what your business is doing for the community, and share specials and new store openings.