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Planning Your Big Comeback

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Planning Your Comeback

Let’s start planning your big comeback! The 21-day lockdown has seen all non-essential business temporarily closed, with an additional 14 days added to the 21-day lockdown it’s going to be tough on everyone. So why not seize the opportunity to plan your comeback once this lockdown is lifted and minimise your losses.

Something to consider when planning your grand reopening – The way you do business might change. Some people’s dining habits will change; new legislation and rules might need to come in effect. It is essential to plan for change.

Planning Your Comeback - Ideas

4 Ideas for Planning your Comeback

  • Deep Clean Your Restaurant
  • Plan A High-Profit Menu
  • Add Special Takeout And Delivery Items
  • Change / Expand Your Business Model

1) Deep Cleaning:

Planning Your Comeback - Deep cleaning

Before reopening, it would be a good idea to do a deep clean every inch of your restaurant. Remember to leverage social media to show your customers you’re getting ready to reopen.

2) Plan A High-Profit Menu:

Planning Your Comeback - A Profitable Menu

If you have read our blog on menu engineering, then you know the benefit of building a more profitable menu. It’s is even more crucial after this crisis passes, money might be tight, supplies will be low and planning a smaller high-profit menu comprising of your most profitable and popular items will maximise your profitability.

3) Adding Special Takeout And Delivery Items:

Planning Your Comeback - Switch to Takeout and Delivery.

Although many of your patrons will be excited and eager to dine with you again, not everyone might be comfortable to go out in public, new rules and legislation might prohibit the number of guests.

If you can’t get your guests to come to you, then you need to go to your guests. Some restaurants from around the world have created some creative ways to package their meals; From meal kits like Build Your Own Pizza Kits to DIY Cocktail Kits for delivery.

4) Change / Expand Your Business Model

Planning Your Comeback - Expand your business

In times of crisis, how we do business will change, and you will need to adapt to these circumstances. Depending on the legislation, rules, and how the market reacts will all determine how you operate.

Some of the ways business around the world have adapted:

Ghost Kitchens: Ghost Kitchens prepare delivery-only meals. They contain the same kitchen equipment and facilities for preparing restaurant meals.

Planning Your Comeback - Ghost Kitchens

Pop-Up Grocery Stores: Restaurants looking to serve their communities have leveraged existing supply chains and relationships to convert their businesses into pop-up Grocery stores and food markets selling meal kits and other essentials to keep money coming in.

Planning Your Comeback - Opening up

Producing Hand Sanitizer instead of Alcohol: Some distilleries have responded to this pandemic by switching from making spirits to making other products like hand sanitizers.

While we don’t know how long it will take us to combat this outbreak, we will find a way to move on and rebuild our industry. It is essential to keep up your moral and look for new and creative ways to keep your business going.