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Take the hassle out of card payments with GAAP Pay.

Payment Solutions

Effortless payments,
Endless possibilities

GAAP Payment Solutions are designed with customer support in mind. Our solutions automate the payment process, reducing the need for manual handling of cash and minimizing the risk of errors and discrepancies. This improves efficiency and allows staff to focus on providing better customer service.

Not only does this streamline operations, but our integrated payment solutions are crucial for modern restaurants as they enhance convenience, security, and cost savings. They also provide valuable data insights, enabling restaurants to make informed business decisions and stay competitive in the industry.

GAAP Payment Solutions

We strive to innovate and add value for customers with affordable solutions that scale to their needs.GAAP Payment Solutions are tailored solution designed with customer support in mind. Where traditional card payment solutions just won’t cut it, GAAP has the solution.

Key Features & Benefits

Fast Transaction Speeds:

Transaction speeds of 2-5 seconds make it lightning fast.

Easy Contactless Payments:

Tap to Pay for faster transactions to reduce queues.

Reduced Reconciliation Errors:

Simple end of day reconciliation saves you more time.

GAAP Payment Solutions

GAAP Payment Solutions

Integrated Payment Solution

Our Integrated payment solutions seamlessly integrate with our PoS solutions. Combining card readers and the transaction processing and reporting capabilities within the GAAP ecosystem.


  • Streamlines the payment process by eliminating the need for separate systems or manual data entry.
  • Reduces errors and improves efficiency through automatically synced data between your PoS and card machines
  • Provides detailed sales and inventory reports for better business insights.
  • Enhances customer experience with faster, seamless transactions.


  • Integrates seamlessly with our Point-of-Sale Solutions.
  • Our integrated solution is robust and works in tandem with our point of sale for maximum compatibility.

Best Use Case: Integrated payment solutions are well-suited for businesses with high transaction volumes, complex inventory management needs, and a desire for comprehensive reporting and analysis.


Our new revolutionary Pay-at-table solution, where standalone devices become integrated. Allow customers to settle their bills directly at their tables.

Ideal for full-service restaurants, cafes, or venues with table service. They provide a more streamlined and efficient dining experience, especially during peak times, and can enhance customer satisfaction by minimising wait times for bill payments.


  • Enhances customer convenience and satisfaction by reducing waiting times and eliminating the need to leave the table for payment.
  • Improves table turnover rates, allowing restaurants to serve more customers.
  • Increases security by minimizing the handling of credit cards and reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Provides an opportunity for additional upselling or marketing at the table.


  • Integrates with our Point-of-Sale
  • Portable
  • Take orders
  • View Menus

Standalone Card Machines

Standalone card machines, are independent devices solely dedicated to processing card transactions. They are not integrated with our PoS system.

Standalone card machines are suitable for small businesses or startups. They are also useful as secondary or backup devices for businesses already using integrated solutions, or for mobile businesses that require portable payment terminals.


  • Quick and easy to set up and use, with minimal integration requirements.
  • Portable and can be moved around the premises for convenience.
  • Can be used as backup devices in case of system failures or network issues.

Payment Solutions

Our card machines provide clients with an ultimate “always-connected” payment technology, with dual connectivity & Wi-Fi machines to keep you on the go.

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Payment Solutions