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Paging Systems

Why use our paging solution?

Our Paging Systems are ideal for clients who recognize that customer service and the customer’s experience is key to their business’s success. GAAP has built up a strong reputation for its quality, diverse range of durable products and high level of customer service.

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GAAP Paging Systems

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Guest Paging

The stacking coaster pager that started the guest paging revolution! With its patented charging system, LRS coaster pagers can be charged in any direction ensuring a consistent and reliable charge every time.


  • Shock-absorbing bumper minimizes damage when pagers are dropped.
  • Any-orientation stack-charging system, means pagers can be stacked in any direction.
  • Vibration, flash, beep, and glow alert modes.
  • Battery life is approximately 48 hours on a single charge.


  • Increases customer outturn.
  • Notifies people faster.
  • Minimizes crowds in waiting areas.
  • Eliminates overhead paging.
  • Frees guests from being tied to the waiting area.

Waiter Paging

Keep your servers on the floor interacting with guests, increase check averages and deliver food at its proper temperature. Whether you’re replacing that old call bell or streamlining your entire operation, we have a restaurant server pager system that fits your needs.


  • All-page feature
  • Works with all Service Pagers
  • Range test mode
  • Built-in plexiglass name board

Push For Service

Just press the button and it immediately sends a silent page to anyone in your building wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager. Customers can use it to contact staff members when they need help or service. Push for Service is perfect for every kind of business. It’s 100% waterproof and made of heavy-duty lexan plastic so it can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors.


  • Transmits up to approx. 402 Metres (More than any other product available)
  • 100% Waterproof and tamper-proof
  • Each transmitter sends one custom message
  • Pages directly to pager (no hard wiring required)
  • Pages one person or entire groups of people (up to 99 groups)
  • Program how often you want it to re-page from 10 seconds to every 5 minutes (up to 10 minutes maximum)

Customer Queuing Software

Netpage Unlimited is the first network PC-based paging and messaging solution that provides scalability and unlimited range to improve your company’s instant communication needs. As your company expands and your needs increase, users and locations can easily be added to your Netpage Unlimited System. NetPage Unlimited grows as your company grows. LRS guarantees range coverage with flawless text messaging communication regardless of location. No need for repeaters to extend range.


Customer Paging

NetPage Unlimited is not just for Staff Paging. Now you can easily generate electronic waitlists and call your customers via pager or mobile phone. Your customers are no longer tied to a waiting room or “cattle line”. NetPage has the ability to share a waitlist so you can have one person assigning pagers to customers and another staff member paging them when it’s their turn. NetPage will also collect wait time statistics so you can evaluate your staff needs during peak times. Reporting is also available.

Standard Features

  1. Global Groups – page an administrator created group or department at once, these groups are available to every user.
  2. My Groups – users may setup personal groups to page a group of up to 5 people.
  3. Global Alarms – send an alert to an administrative defined group or department at once.
  4. My Alarms – send a user-defined alert as a personal reminder.
  5. Paging Families – maximizes efficiency by grouping one or more Transmit Controller(s) together for non-interfered transmission.
  6. On Premises / Off Premises Status Settings – displays user status based on location whether inside or outside the building.
  7. Administrator Reporting – System Administrator has access to all user logins, statuses, and messaging history.
  8. Receptionist Module – update employee’s on-premises or off-premises status.
  9. Auto On / Off – set the system to automatically turn pagers on and off at preset times each day.
  10. Quick Search – locate employees from the directory quickly with predictive text.
  11. Compatible with all LRS alphanumeric staff and guest pagers.
  12. Full scalability – add local and global users as company expands.
  13. Telephone Interface – allows users to page staff from any telephone.
  14. Push Button Alerts (coming soon) – allow users or customers to page a staff member at the press of a button.

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