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Madame Zingara

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Madame Zingara

Madame Zingara is in a league of their own providing jaw dropping shows and mouthwatering menus. Madame Zingara has been captivating audiences in South Africa for several years now. Once they announce a show and tickets go on sale if you are not quick, you will miss out as sold-out performances are a given with this travelling dinner cirque extravaganza. Every show is an instant success with well thought out and meaningful messages behind each tour which is part of their recipes for success. Their shows are nothing short of extravagant, when you arrive to the show you feel like a child again with the absolutely spectacular set up. Inside, you completely forget that you’re in the middle of a parking lot and you feel like you’ve stepped into a wonderland. With both local and international talent you are captivated for three hours. From world class acrobats to singers you are sure to drop your jaw a few times during the show that is all brought together amazingly by the host for the evening. But wait there is more, amongst all the excitement and entertainment there is a four-course meal that is served and if you are a foodie you won’t be disappointed. The meal is served seamlessly with chocolate chili fillet to chocolate brownies as some of the menu choices you are sure to be bouncing home feeling like a child again with a full belly. What is so amazing about Madame Zingara is from the time you get there to the time you leave, your interaction with the performers, staff and fellow guest is effortless and certainly magical.

long standing relationship

GAAP has a long standing relationship with Madame Zingara and one can say certainly a unique one at that. While Madame Zingara travels around the country delighting the nation with their theatrics they need a point-of-sale system that is adaptable to do this. At every new venue around the country GAAP effortlessly goes in and sets up terminals to provide a smooth running show on the software side so they can do what they do best.