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LRS Coaster System Improves Queues at Nandos

LRS Coaster System Improves Queues at Nandos

Discover how LRS Coaster System Improves the Queues at Nando’s outlets in the Western Cape Picture your favourite Nandos, it’s a cold rainy Friday night and it’s been a long week and you’re hungry, you walk in and place your order and join the queue with your receipt in your hand and wait for your number to be called out.

This is a common occurrence in Nando’s outlets around the country – it’s a system that’s been in place for years and used at many fast food outlets. This system often works but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement – wait times are often longer than necessary, chaos is everywhere, customers don’t hear their order numbers being called out and your counter area is gridlocked which could put off new potential customers.

A few of the Nando’s outlets in the Western Cape signed up for our LRS Coaster Call offering to turn their outlet into a well-oiled customer-service machine.

1) Happier customers:

The restaurants are more organised and there are significantly fewer complaints that come from human error and inaccurate during wait times.

2) Increased productivity, efficiency and accuracy:

The process is seamless, and managers feel comfortable leaving the host area to address other needs, secure in the knowledge that everything is under control.

3) Better guest experience:

most customers don’t want to hand over their mobile number for fear of being spammed – the coaster call system is an unobtrusive and reliable communication tool to let customers know when their order is ready or if they are needed at the counter.

LRS Coaster System – Additional benefits to the restaurants:

  • A reliable queuing solution
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Easy to use – push a button to notify the customer
  • Scalable to suit the size of your establishment
  • Integrates with GAAP
LRS Coasters stacked

LRS Coaster System Features:

  • Shock-absorbing bumper to minimize damage.
  • Any orientation stack charging system.
  • Multiple alert modes: Vibration, Flash, Beep and Glow
  • Approximately 48 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The results certainly do speak for themselves – you can catch our LRS Coaster system in action at the below locations:

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LRS Coaster - Nando's branding