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KZN Heros

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KZN Heroes

The recent KZN floods left much of the region without water or electricity, and homes were flooded in this devastating disaster. However, amidst the destruction, the people of KZN demonstrated incredible unity and strength.Thank you to all the Awe-inspiring heroes of KZN.

While search and rescue efforts were swiftly initiated by the brave members of the SAPS search and rescue, K9 units, and a specialized group of firefighters from the City of Cape Town’s Fire & Rescue Service, these heroes went above and beyond to assist in rescue and recovery operations. Their dedication to preserving life and their selflessness in going wherever their help was needed did not go unnoticed, as communities joined forces to support these heroes and those affected by the calamity.

KZN Heroes

It has been truly inspiring to witness the collective effort made by individuals in any way they can. From organizing food drives and raising funds to donating medical supplies, food, and equipment for the flood victims, countless volunteers and donations have poured in from all over the country.

KZN Heroes:Local businesses also played a crucial role in the relief efforts.

KZN Heroes

Glenwood Spar, Eastmans Spar, Panaji Durban North, and Goo’s On Beachwood, among others, united to provide meals for over 180 search and rescue personnel.

KZN Heroes

Famous Brands and Wimpy coffee were also present, ensuring that these dedicated rescuers remained fueled and energized with much-needed cups of warm coffee.

KZN Heroes:The community stepped forward to assist local businesses affected by the floods as well.

When Gatvol Coffee reached out for help after their Koi were washed away and their ponds filled with sand, the community rallied together to lend a helping hand.

KZN Heroes

The Pot & Kettle, another affected establishment, saw their kids’ area flooded. However, with the support of the community, the water was quickly cleared, allowing children to resume their play.

KZN Heroes

Soup kitchens from across KZN have been serving meals and providing relief to flood victims. Their efforts include distributing mattresses, blankets, pillows, dairy products, care hampers, and even seedlings to aid in the recovery process. 

KZN Heroes

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those within the community who have contributed to the preparation and distribution of meals, cooked for many, distributed essential supplies, and ensured that education continued despite the challenges faced.

Through these acts of compassion and solidarity, the people of KZN have demonstrated the true spirit of resilience, coming together to support one another in the face of adversity.