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Improving Employee Efficiency

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Improving Employee Efficiency

Improving employee efficiency is not just about getting employees to do more, it’s also about managing work schedules more efficiently. The result? Employees are giving their best, and more money is coming into your business.

Five Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency

1) Look at your Prime cost every week.

​Prime Cost is your total food, beverage and labour expenses. Knowing these numbers is critical when things go awry. Getting into the habit of calculating your prime cost weekly allows you to react faster and resolve this problem sooner, rather than only picking up a problem at the end of the month.

2) Audit first and last 15-30 minutes of every shift.

​By analysing the pace and sense of urgency during the first and last 15-30 minutes of each employee’s shift. You can easily see if an employee has too much or too little time on their hands. A casual or relaxed pace, especially during that time frame, may indicate that they could get the same amount of work done on their shift with fewer hours on your clock.

3) Dynamic labour Schedules.

​An excellent way to make efficient use of your staff’s time and managing labour costs is by preparing your weekly labour schedule based on forecasted sales and customer numbers and adjusting employee hours according to how busy you are.

4) Cost out your schedules.

​Along with having a Labour Schedule that reflects demand /anticipated sales, you should also cost out your labour schedule to have a daily labour budget target. This way if sales are lower than expected or much higher than planned managers can react accordingly by cutting or adding staff accordingly.

5) Cross-training.

​Cross-training your staff to do multiple jobs enables you to reduce the number of staff scheduled, especially for the kitchen line. Allowing you to supplement an employee’s hours by allowing them to work where needed rather than finding a few extra hours.