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How To Create A Restaurant Operations Manual

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Setting Up an Operations Manual

Learn the importance of a Good Restaurant Operations Manual and how it can save you time and train staff to be more productive. Running a restaurant on your own is not an easy task. At some stage you will have to bring in more people to join your team. However, more team members mean you have to invest time and energy into correctly training and equipping them with the know-how to deal with all the situation they may face when working on the floor.One way to help you educate and equip your staff better is a restaurant operations manual.

What Is A Restaurant Operations Manual?

​A restaurant operations manual is a comprehensive collection of guidelines, checklist and duties, and other information that every employee needs to know for the success of your business. It essentially acts as a reference guide that employees can quickly check if they need to know something.

The Manual Should Cover the Following:

What tasks need to be done?How to perform these tasks?Who is responsible for the functions listed?

How to Create a Manual

​When you put together your restaurant operations manual, you must put in some quality time to prepare the document correctly.

Some Guidelines:

Use Checklists: Start with a checklist – This is a beneficial tool when completing tasks in a particular order.

Write and Explain the Processes: Written procedures will also help keep good quality employees and reduces the learning time. With a comprehensive and well-written restaurant operations manual, employees can easily read through and understand what is expected; and how they should go about their work.

Some processes that restaurants must include are:

  • Kitchen procedures (including food safety)
  • Dining room procedures
  • Reservation handling
  • Cleaning guidelines

Create Easy-To-Read, How-To Guides: The processes must be easy to decipher so that the employees can understand and implement them efficiently. This How-To guide also makes your employees All-Rounders – When a key staff member might be unavailable to come to work. That shouldn’t mean your operation should come to a grinding halt. In situations like that, by referring to the restaurant operating manual, one can fill in the place and carry on with the restaurant operations.

Renew the Manual: A restaurant operating manual is a living document and should be kept up to date and reviewed every quarter. We recommend you make your manual digital, as it is easier to update and distribute to your employees.