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Digital Innovations Driving Customer Loyalty.

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Driving Customer Loyalty

Digital innovations have become more rule than exception in the restaurant industry these past 18 months as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurant operators to accelerate their technology investments.

Step On The Digital Accelerator To Drive Customer Engagement.

Digital Innovations – Customers will engage with you on their Terms.

The pandemic has raised consumers’ expectations around convenience and the ability to order food anytime. As a result, customers are evolving and will continue to be the case whether you evolve with them or not because others will.

However the customer chooses to engage — if they want to come to your restaurants and have a birthday party, or whether they want delivery — they want to have a great experience either way.

Reap the fruits of that digital labour.

Restaurants must continue to evolve their digital and off-premises experiences. This accelerated investment in technology is reshaping restaurant operations and offsetting ongoing challenges.

Part of the challenge is creating an experience that is not only seamless for customers but also seamless for employees.

If you start introducing too many things, it can slow things down. Anytime you introduce complexities into any system, it takes time for training, and time is money.

Pushing Innovation.

The technology is there to facilitate interaction between people. These innovations help you operate more efficiently and improve service.

Take tasks off of our team members, so they can focus on your customers and their dining experience. Customers want that warm welcome, a genuine smile.

Technology is helping staff perform their jobs more efficiently. For example, a reservation management system provides hosts with information about customers’ previous visits, loyalty status and special occasions. A kitchen management system can automate some elements of inventory accounting.

Technology is actively playing a role in improving the customer experience both in-store and off-premises. As a restaurateur, you must continue to evolve your operation as hospitality technology evolves.