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Seven Daily Principles to Success

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Hospitality Tips: Seven Daily Principles to Success

Seven Daily Principles to Success -Getting everyone on your team to work together for a common goal, isn’t easy, add to that the fact that the hospitality industry has one of the highest staff turnover; keeping your team on the right path is downright a challenge. 

It’s the primary reason why it is so important to build into your operation a work ethic that encourages and guides how your staff operates on a daily basis. Call it a daily mantra or set of principles – it should be the driving force behind how your staff operate and take initiative. Let’s take Three Rivers Lodge’s – Seven Daily Principles that was so kindly shared by the General Manager of Three Rivers Lodge,  Roelien Jansen van Rensburg.

Seven Principles To Success 

Three Rivers Lodge has Seven Daily Principles that they focus on every day of the week during meetings every morning, discussing the principle of the day and how everyone can apply it. We love these daily principles and how they perfectly capture how important and effective it is to set guiding principles for your establishment.

Monday: Appearance 

It’s all about how each person has one opportunity to make a first impression on guests and how their appearance and behaviour impact on that impression.

Tuesday: Team Work 

You are all part of a team striving together to provide excellent service to all our guests. Emphasis the importance of being there for your team and jumping in where you’re needed if you’re needed. 

Wednesday: Own The Problem

We love this one! In the hospitality industry, your guests are your number one priority. When a guest has a problem, you want your team to take immediate action to help resolve it to the guest’s satisfaction. If you own the problem, you own the Customer. If you lose the problem, you lose the Customer.

Thursday: Recommend Services & Sales

At the end of the day, you are there to make money so that you can keep doing what you love. Your staff have to wear many hats and a salesperson is one of those hats. Make sure your staff know your products, features and services and trading hours so that they can more effectively recommend services and facilities to your guests.

Friday: Eliminate Defects

Strive to improve by eliminating faults in the work area. Stress the importance of taking responsibility to ensure cleanliness and good maintenance at all times.

Saturday: Time Management

Time is fleeting and precious. Your team must be mindful of your guests’ time and should do their best to attend to a guest’s needs as soon as possible.

Sunday: Planning

Stay prepared for any eventuality to give the best possible service to your guests through careful planning.