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Generate Buzz Through Entertainment

Generate Buzz Through Entertainment

It is sometimes very difficult to find the right time or theme for the kind of entertainment that would best suit your establishment. It is universally seen as a bit of a risk – but there are ways to do it, and to nail it. There are many advantages to hosting the right sort of entertainment – it will attract new customers in the area that might not have shown interest in you before, it enhances the service and atmosphere that you give to the customers and can serve as a great distraction when waiting for orders to arrive from the kitchen.

Seeing as this is a rather risky stunt to pull off, we have made a very short list of examples and options you could adapt to suit your establishment.

  • Hold a Craft Beer Tasting
    The growing popularity of these sorts of events makes it an easy choice to adopt for your business. Through this you would attract people with a real interest for craft beer and, if the meals are satisfactory, there’s no reason why they won’t return to have the same experience again.
  • Showcase a Local Artist
    Involving a local artist demonstrates an investment in your local community. You could ask an artist to exhibit their pieces in your restaurant. Take down the usual décor and let artists exhibit their creations – the artists will be exposed to potential buyers and you could be exposed to potential customers.
  • Hire a Flair Bartender
    Hiring a flair bartender for an evening will up the ante and give your guests a night to remember. Entertain your guests with the juggling, flipping, flaming-tricks and magic of a flair bartender.
  • Host a Speciality Cocktail Night
    If craft beer doesn’t quite fit with the atmosphere of your restaurant, a speciality cocktail night is another great option. Showcase a speciality cocktail menu for one night only that includes exclusive drinks made from fresh seasonal ingredients. Guests will jump at the chance to sample a cocktail that’s only available once in a lifetime.
  • Add Vintage Arcade Games
    Vintage arcade games are having a new vogue as millennials make up a major part of any business’ demographic. If you have the space, consider adding a retro Pacman machine or vintage paintball game near the bar. Not only will this provide entertainment to guests as they wait for their meal, it will also encourage them to stay and keep ordering drink so that they can keep playing.

Naturally, you would need a good understanding of your establishment’s identity before you go throwing an arcade game into a sushi bar. By using your understanding of the community around you and identifying what kind of consumer events you should offer to draw in guests.