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Food and Beverage Trends for 2020

Food and Beverage Trends

There are many food and beverage trends that will shape 2020, capitalise on these growing trends is one way to stay ahead of your competition. Here are the top Food and Beverage Trends that will be relevant in 2020.

Dietary Preferences and Restrictions

These days there are a lot of dietary requirements to take into account when designing your menu. 

Consumers have become more conscious about what they consume, whether it’s because of restrictions like allergies or preference. This has led to many restaurants adding Gluten-free\ Carb-free \ lactose-free \ and Plant-based options to their menus. 

Some have even gone so far as providing nutritional information on their menus.

Food and Beverage Trends – Sustainability

Global Warming has become a significant problem, and many people are doing their bit to raise awareness and to reduce their impact on the environment. 2019 we saw a big push by restaurants and the community to get rid of single-use plastics, especially plastic straws. 

Steers, KFC, Wimpy all had big campaigns to raise awareness and axed the plastic straw. But it hasn’t stopped there; many chefs are also promoting a greener lifestyle by using sustainable products and reducing waste by reusing and recycling.

Food and Beverage Trends CBD – Infusion

Cannabis the big buzzword of 2019, after the decriminalisation of cannabis we have started to see some CBD products popping up. 

Last year the restaurant Blowfish spiced things up with two new items on their menu, the CANNAfornia Roll and the CANNAfornia Poke’ bowl both infused with cannabis.

We also have South Africa’s first Dagga Beer (Durban Poison) made from hemp, CBD infused Ice-Cream and Coffee, it won’t be long before it becomes a full-on food trend.

Convenience Trends

It seems that more and more people are choosing Fast food, Take-aways and using Drive-Thru at the expense of traditional sitdown restaurants.

When looking at the findings published by famous brands late last year, their report does confirm a rise in South Africans placing orders for delivery. The report also showed that more people were opting for fast food over casual dining.

Companies like Uber Eats and Mr D are further evidence that customers are looking for more convenience, in 2019 the South African online food delivery industry was worth R10.49 Billion and is estimated to be worth about R17.6 Billion by 2023.

2020 will see more people making use of Drive-Thrus and ordering and delivery services.

Sustainability, Gluten-free, Vegan-friendly and Cannabis infusion are just some of the food trends to keep an eye on for 2020.