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Five Ways To Boost Sales In October

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Five ways to boost sales in October

The year is full steam ahead! We’re already in October – are you starting to hear those sleigh bells in the distance? Not yet? Well, that’s why we have October.

Here are Five ways you can take some inspiration from a holiday slowly gaining some momentum in South Africa, Halloween. People love to dress up, especially the younger crowd – and if you are looking for more card swipes and sales you want a bit of a crowd. 

1) Host an event: This one is easy… Costume competition, do a few big giveaways like a hamper for two lucky winners and throw in some vouchers and you’ll give your guests to stay a little longer and spend more. Tip: It can be done online too like running an Instagram Contest. Get them to take pictures at the event, post them and tag you in the post. 

2) Address your social media: Halloween is all about getting dressed up, so “DRESS” up your social media as part of your campaign to spread the word. Build up the hype. Live streams and stories are an excellent way to build interest while you document how your preparation is going. 

boost sales in October - Decor
Source: www.milwaukeemag.com

3) Mixology Conjuring: Put together a Halloween-inspired menu (Ham up those names). Tip: This is not just for drinks. Call your chef and tell them to play with their food! Combine these with killer deals like 2-for-1 drinks specials during “Haunting” Hour.

boost sales in October - Cotton Candy
Source: www.delish.com

4) Scar up the team: Spread the word! Your staff are your best sounding board for any event or specials. Start your morning meetings and remind them to highlight your event or any specials you are running. You are also going to have to make sure you have enough staff on the big night so start planning your roster early.

5) Don’t raise the debt: Set yourself a reasonable budget for yourself. Start small, lean into your social media to gauge the interest and print some flyers for your staff to hand out. Tip: Use a QR code to link to a social media post for easy sharing. Have you tried Whatsapp to reach your customers?

With the right atmosphere and a little creativity with your decor once the place fills up with everyone in costume everything will come together. Tip: Involve your team – get their input and who you could delegate tasks.