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Evolution of Restaurant Point of Sale

Evolution of Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS or point of sale is continually evolving. In the early days, it was only a cash register and manual inputs from the user, with the only record of the transaction in the form of a paper copy from the till roll.

Evolution of Restaurant POS | Then vs Now

Today things are different, new POS solutions are more sophisticated, with much of it computerised and making use of on-site POS software and cloud solutions.

Modern POS systems do more than just process sales transactions. You can now also track inventory, manage staff, generate sales report, revenue report, and so much more all from one system.

Modern Restaurant Point of Sale

Benefits of a Point of Sale system for your restaurant

POS systems are user-friendly with the sole purpose to make life easier and improve your operation so you and your staff can focus on your customers.

Key Components of Point of Sale

POS is not a standalone unit or process – It’s a combination of hardware and software that work together to process transactions and streamline your business.


Depending on your requirements and size of your operation will affect what point of sales hardware you require. These are some of the main components of a POS system.

  • Interface/POS Terminal: An interface /POS terminal is the device you use to register transaction details.
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS) or Kitchen Printer: When orders get placed, the instructions are sent to the kitchen either via a KDS that acts as a digital order Viewer or to your kitchen printer where it gets printed out.
  • Bill Printer: Are used to print receipts for customers.
  • Cash Drawer:  Used to securely store and organise your currency, coupons, vouchers and slips.
  • Back office Server: A modern POS system relies on a database. Generally, this database is stored a Server/PC on the premises and acts as a host, unless it is a Cloud-based solution. 
  • Card machine: If you intend to accept Credit Card and debit card payments, you will need a Credit Card machine to process those payments.
  • Network devices: WithComputerised POS systems, whether you are using a cloud-based POS system or an on-site system or a hybrid system, you will need a network set up to connect to the internet or to link up to your back office server.


All Point of Sale systems includes a frontend and a backend (also referred to as back-office). Your frontend interface is where your staff process all transactions through a POS Terminal. The backend is accessed independently from a separate computer or mobile device and provides valuable analytics and reports.

Cloud and On-site hosting:

GAAP Cloud Services

One of the more recent developments in POS is data storage and access. For computerised POS systems, on-site POS software has become commonplace with Data getting stored locally on a backend server. However, there has been a shift towards cloud-based solutions/ combination of the two to store data online. The benefit of using a cloud-based POS or a hybrid system is, it allows you to view your store’s performance online via an APP or web browser, improve data integrity and data protection. 

The evolution of Restaurant Point of Sale has made significant leaps and bounds, as technology continues to advance, and with technology continually improving so will the systems that drive and improve your restaurant. Saving you time and money in the long run.