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Ensuring Your Staff Feel Valued

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Ensuring Your Staff Feel Valued

Ensuring Your Staff Feel Valued- managing a team while navigating the murky waters of the hospitality industry can leave you feeling like you are sailing through uncharted waters.

Operating a small business is never going to be smooth sailing. But like a boat with a well-organised and motivated crew working together, you can steer through the choppiest waters. Below are three ways to boost your employees’ sense of belonging and efficiency as a team.

How to Ensure Your Staff Feel Valued

Regardless of how many people you work with, you are not on this journey alone. Your team is an integral part of your operation. When you have a close-knit working team, you want to retain them and show them how valued they are within your organisation. Your team needs to recognise that they must come together as a cohesive unit to achieve the goals of your establishment. The only way to succeed is if the people you work with have a sense of ownership for everything they do and sell.

It Starts with We

A simple and at no cost to you is to change the way you talk about the business is to change your language. Speak of “We” when communicating to your staff to help them think of themselves as part of the business and not separate. Encourage your staff to speak the same way when interacting with each other and customers.

Communicate with your team. Speak openly with them when you are planning to change course so they can help you do so. Seek your team’s input and acknowledge their contributions.

Incentives & Employee Programs

Along with making your staff feel more part of the business, there are a few ways you can drive teamwork amongst your employees and promote self-improvement. If you haven’t started one yet, an employee of the Month programme offering a bonus check, gift card, or something valuable to signal the achievement of an individual can boost morale and motivate others to follow suit.

Incentivise. It never hurts to offer a free meal for employees working double shifts or an incentive for a job well done. Motivate people to stay on longer with incentives for those who stay with you for certain amounts of time, say three months, six months, a year, and so on. It can be monetary, or something like a higher schedule priority.