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Employing the Right People for Your Business.

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Employing the Right People

Successful restaurateurs understand the importance of creating the right kind of dining experience. They also understand that this is achieved through the culmination of a team of key staff members and customer service that drives that dining experience.

That is why getting the right people in your team is so important. Hiring staff can be a hassle, especially when finding the right fit for your type of establishment. If you want to build a dynamic team and improve the dining experience we have some hot tips on getting your A-Team together.

Tips and suggestions on how to best manage your staff in your restaurant.

Start by creating the ideal employee for each specific role. Outline exactly what you want and what you expect from a staff member. This is a two-pronged approach to hiring the right staff and developing the right culture to keep them.

Key Points To Keep In Mind:

1) The Positions: Each position requires different skill sets and experience and is very dependent on the type of establishment.

2) Personality and people skills: Depending on the role, you will need to have clear guidelines to ensure that the person in the role has the right people skills and personality to work well within your team.

For example, a back of house employee needs exceptional communication skills and the ability to implement a task/routine accurately every single time.

A front of house employee would need to be able to rely on their ability to deliver messages to the back office and be great with dealing with customers and their requests.

Interview Questions to Identify the best candidates.

Front of house employee:

  • Describe a time you went out of your way to please a customer.
  • Are there things you find annoying about customers? What about your colleagues?
  • Let’s say you are hosting a dinner party. How would you go about that?

Back of house employee:

  • How do you respond to a sudden change?
  • How do you respond to guest complaints?
  • Can you describe a recent problem you have had with a manager or colleague?

These questions may seem a little abstract, but they can give an insightful look into the personality of the person you are interviewing. Give you insight into how the person would handle an unexpected situation and how well they handle criticism.

Senior Positions

Every team needs a leader and experienced members to guide the younger junior members for senior positions such as chefs and managers. You are looking for a particular skill set. Headhunting helps you find ideal candidates. Working with a professional headhunter will expedite the hiring process and weed out the less qualified applicants.

Hiring people is a difficult process and you’re not always going to get it right the first time. By refining your criteria, you will be able to build your dream team.