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Drive Thru Systems

Drive Thru Headset
Drive Thru Systems

Convenience at your window

Our Drive-thrus can significantly increase a restaurant’s sales by accommodating a larger volume of customers. Since Drive-Thrus provide a quick and convenient experience, they attract customers who might not have visited the restaurant otherwise. They also tend to generate impulse purchases, with customers often adding items to their order while waiting in line.

An Opportunity For A New Revenue Stream!

We go beyond the traditional Quick Service Restaurant with our Drive Thru Systems. Boost sales by serving more people without overcrowding your store and parking area, whilst still accommodating large numbers of customers.

Looking at Adding a Drive-thru?

Look no further than GAAP Drive Thru Solutions. We offer hassle-free rental packages to suit your pocket and needs. Our affordable solutions are fully inclusive of hardware, software and services.

The Hardware

Equip your business to handle a speed-based service to ensure your service is a success. GAAP is a premier technology provider to the drive-through segment of the hospitality industry. We supply, install and support an extensive range of wireless communication devices, service timers and intelligent reporting to drive-through outlets. Ensuring your business never misses a beat.

The System

Speed is essential when it comes to a Drive-Thru service. Our Drive Thru Solution provides you with a system to quickly and efficiently serve the customers waiting outside, catering those needs down to the second.

Key Features & Benefits

We are a premium drive-through supplier to independents and large franchise groups.

The approved Africa agent for HME.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing Point-of-Sale system.

Full range of accessories.

Improve overall satisfaction with customers and to help your business grow. Track important data with Drive-Thru timers. Gain insights on your Drive-Thru to make the right decisions for your business.

Thinking about adding a Drive-thru to your establishment?

The fast-paced modern world has left many customers in need
of greater convenience, and speedy service. Drive Thru
Restaurants are more popular than ever, offering ultimate
satisfaction to your customer with minimal waiting periods.

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Drive Thru Systems