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Digital Menu Boards

Convert your menu into animated boards with our Digital Menu Boards, enhancing the look of your business and increasing sales by up to 8%. Schedule updates in a flash and run store-specific promotions quickly. Manage your artwork remotely online and save on printing costs with an environmentally friendly solution. Avoid unnecessary travel and the labour of mounted menus and keep your menu looking fresh!

Why go digital.

Current Limitation of Static Menus

For every price change, menu addition or recipe adjustment a new menu board installation may be required which means printing costs and labour to change out the boards.

They can take up a lot of space, making it challenging to print a diverse menu onto static menu boards.

Employees (especially new employees) struggle with up-selling at the cash register despite the time and effort poured into training them to do so. Without modern technology to help, employees rely on verbal descriptors to paint a picture.

Digital Evolution

Static menu boards have become a staple in many restaurants, but this solution does have limitations – digital menu boards eliminate many of these limitations and boosts your bottom line.

The Advantages of Digital Menu Boards

• Ordering is easier and the customer’s experience is improved. A digital menu board supports full colour static & animated images which enhances the atmosphere and visual aesthetics in your establishment.
• Perceived waiting times are reduced as the customer sees promotions and other engaging content on your digital menu boards.
• Sales are increased. The first place your customer will look is up at the menu boards where you can display upcoming promotions or other engaging content resulting in an upsurge of sales – you could see as much as an 8% increase in sales.
• Operational perks include easier up-selling, pair menu items together in imagery or recommend additional sides.
• Benefit from unparalleled convenience when you need to update your menu with price changes and item adjustments.

Innovation Explored | Innovation Delivered

packages to suit your pocket

We offer hassle-free rental packages to suit your pocket and needs. Our affordable solutions are fully inclusive of hardware, software and services and are ideal for your establishment.


GAAP Point-of-Sale

Make your goals a reality with a comprehensive Point-of-Sale solution that includes hardware and software designed around the needs of your operation as it grows.

Offer the ultimate guest satisfaction to your customer with minimal waiting periods with a robust Drive Thru solution that speeds up services and convenience.

Modernise your space with a self-service kiosk system to create interactive touchpoints that make ordering in-store fast, efficient and cut the queues.

eCommerce Solutions

Expand your business and conveniently reach your customers with an eCommerce platform built from the ground up to augment your operation and boost turnover.

Cloud Service Suite

Take your operations to the next level and bridge the gap between your in-store set-up and keep your finger on the financial pulse of your business.

Third Party Integration

We continue to closely work with 3rd parties to ensure our systems can be integrated with a wide range of applications to expand your systems capabilities.