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COVID-19 Reopening under level 4

COVID-19 Reopening under level 4

Are You Ready?

After 35 days of lockdown, restaurants will be allowed to open under the restriction of deliveries only – no collections and no sit-downs. The national lockdown is currently on level 4 but we have been warned the levels could differ between Municipalities.

Before You Reopen

Remember Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance – the 5 P’s of hospitality we live by.

We take you back to basics to aid the ease of tade during this new ‘normal’. We have no idea what the new normal is going to look like but do know it is going to be very different. Build confidence in your employees and customers by keeping sick staff at home and following the social distance guidelines. Build on this confidence by increasing the frequency of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting as well as making use of masks.

Personal Hygiene

Personal health is very important right now, take this opportunity to update your sick policies to include fever and respiratory problems. Set-up a designated area for monitoring employee healthy and appoint someone to carry out this task each day, remember to take temperatures and put a threshold in place as well as the protocols in place for working or not working.

Hand hygiene is vital, which means you either need a sink or hand sanitizer available. Increase the frequency of restroom checks and cleaning, providing employees with hand sanitizers to carry on their person.

Protective Wear

Reinforce your glove policy or put one in place. Gloves should be worn when preparing or handling food, if you want to make use of gloves outside of those activities then consider a different coloured glove to ensure proper glove hygiene is followed. Store Gloves near the hand sinks to encourage hand washing before putting on gloves.

Disposable masks are convenient but can be costly as they can only be worn once before being discarded. Consider using washable masks instead, and provide staff with multiple masks so they are not without a mask due to wash day.

Demonstrate the correct way to remove gloves without contaminating other areas as well as the fitting and removal of masks.

COVID-19 Reopening under level 4 – Disinfection Protocols

Restaurants have had high standards of cleanliness before COVID-19, but now you will need to step up disinfection protocols. All hard, non-porous surfaces and high-touch points should be thoroughly disinfected before opening and periodically throughout shifts.

Examples of high-touch points include doorknobs, door handles, push plates, railing, light switches, aircon remotes, taps, toilet flush levers, chairs, tables and countertops. You should also disinfect your point of sale screen, printers and kitchen display screens but make sure you do not damage the equipment in the process.

Need assistance with your disinfection protocols? Companies like Geochem HI Chem and Steiner Hygiene can help and they offer additional services regarding sanitation and staff testing.

Equipment & Tools

Equipment should be empty and clean. Change your fryer oil. Wash, rinse and sanitize all your food-contact surfaces, no exceptions. All hot and cold equipment should be checked to ensure proper function – fridges are generally around 3°C and freezers between -16°C & -20°C.

Check all of your food products and discard all expired products. Products need to be properly labelled, stored off the floor and on the proper level. Rearrange your coolers and freezers before you accept any new deliveries and reduce your points of contact during deliveries.

All unprotected tools and small wares should be washed, rinsed and sanitized. Your shelves need to be cleaned and sanitized before putting them back in storage. The ice machines, bins, ice buckets and ice scoops should all be cleaned and sanitized regardless of whether they are going to be in use. Check under kitchen equipment for any pest activity; take this opportunity to clean underneath the equipment.

Limit your menu to accommodate preparation and cooking at distances as well as items that will survive delivery. Check your dishwasher is working properly and the chemicals are dispensing correctly. Check the gauges for proper wash and rinse temperatures. Run two empty racks through the machine before using to wash any dishes.

Check your sinks have functioning dispensers with the correct concentration of sanitizer. Clean and disinfect the sinks prior to use.

COVID-19 Reopening under level 4 – Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing is still in effect and you will need to adhere to this. As restaurants may only operate on a delivery basis, have a designated area for drivers to collect orders and provide hand sanitizer for them to disinfect their hands. Rembember to update your trading hours, restaurants can do deliveries between 9am and 7pm.

COVID-19 Reopening under level 4 -Staff Training

Educate staff on proper personal hygiene, hand washing and your cleaning protocols. Staff should be trained in proper cleaning and sanitizing protocols to ensure a safe space for everyone.

Keep food safety, health and people at the forefront of your mind. We’re all navigating this new normal together.