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Cost-Saving Tips

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Top 10 Cost-Saving Tips

Good sales figures will only get you so far, so we have put together some cost-saving tips that will free up your capital and maximise your profits.

Top 10 Cost-Saving Tips

Conserve Your Energy

​We have all felt the pinch as the price of electricity goes up one way to reduce your costs is by making sure you only run your lights (and other equipment) when it’s vital to do so.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances

​Newer appliances follow updated energy regulations and are far more energy-efficient than their older counterparts so when its time replace your old appliances take that opportunity to switch to energy-efficient appliances.

Reduce Water Wastage

​We live in a country where water is a scarce resource in many regions and one of the highest costs for any restaurant, reducing water wastage can easily save you money in the long run!

Some water saving tips you can implement now:

​Only running your dishwasher when it’s full is a sure-fire way to efficiently maximise your water usage.
Soaking your dishes in warm water to loosen the food, and reduce the amount of energy required to clean them.
Keep hand sanitiser in the kitchen to keep hands clean.

Regulate Your AC

​Air conditioning is costly, make use of natural airflow by opening the windows when the weather permits it and when you do require the AC, avoid turning it on high, test different temperatures to find the right settings for the size of your room and what feels comfortable for your staff and patrons.

Re-Think Your Menu

​It’s always a good idea to go through your menu periodically to identify the worst sellers, and cut down your menu. Your GAAP POS makes this very easy to view your best and worst performing items.

​Menu engineering is time-consuming, and a meticulous process, it is crucial to set aside adequate time to build your new menu correctly.

Optimise Your Inventory

​While you are looking at your menu, also have a look at optimising your inventory. Food wastage is often the leading cost in restaurants and bars, our Stock Management module makes this a breeze!

​With full recipe explosions with recipe cost, manufacturing control for in-house production and analysis you can easily identify which ingredients are used across your menu, and rework specials or make use of your leftovers into inventive dishes.

Portion Control

​Portion control is one-way restaurants and bars can reduce wastage and costs, and it ensures consistency. Use our stock management system to easily calculate your optimum portioning with yield percentage and the adjusted cost.

Reduce Deliveries

​Make use of our ordering module to optimize your order levels and stock holdings, with suggested orders via par levels or auto level assist, not only will your perishable waste will be kept to a minimum but you will also reduce the number of deliveries you receive and any cost associated with those deliveries.

Communicate with Your Staff

​There is no point in making all these changes without communicating those plans to your staff, it won’t inspire change. Without your entire team’s participation, any changes you make will be hindered.

Train Your Staff

​Once you have updated your new cost-saving strategy to your staff, its time to train them. For example, teach them when to turn on and turn off the lights, train your washers to use less water, etc. Don’t forget you can make use of our Training and support so you and your staff will get the maximum benefit from our POS system to better manage your sales and stock control.