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Contactless Pickup – What to consider

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Contactless Pickup - What to consider

Contactless Pickup – What to consider? Online ordering and delivery have been a step in the right direction for restaurants, but it’s not ideal leaving some restaurants to remain closed, but soon level 3 lockdown will allow for Take-aways which is excellent news for the industry.

Before you begin trading under these new regulations here are some factors to consider and the various ways to control these factors.

Factors To Consider

Social Distancing: Social distancing is in full effect so your business will need to incorporate a Contactless Pickup model. With limited contact, in-store collection can be problematic. Crowds and queues are going to be an issue, other than deliveries this can be overcome with Curbside Collection and Drive-Thru.

Food Safety First Mentality: Customer concerns about food safety is a critical factor that will influence how customers will choose how they will make purchases. Deliveries can be cause for concern amongst some of your customers as there is a potential for food contamination. Curbside collection and Drive-Thru lessens the concern for food contamination.

Sanitation Protocols: As with level 4, you will have to maintain a strict cleaning regime, the use of the personal protective gear, and daily employee screening. With increased foot traffic from Take-aways, you will need to take special care to keep high volume contact areas clean regardless of the collection method used, however, Curbside collection and Drive-Thrus reduces contact and foot traffic from crowds which will help with sanitisation.

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Secondary Outbreak Concerns: There is always a risk that there is a secondary outbreak, resulting in the government pushing us back to a 4 or 5 alert levels. Taking the correct measures to reduce the risk of infection is vital. Both your employees and customers need to wear a mask and employees also need to wear gloves, any customers entering must sanitise their hands or be wearing gloves; If you are doing in-store collections remember to designate an area for collections and provide hand sanitizer for collectors to disinfect their hands.

Other factors to consider.

Government Rules and Regulations: Depending on what the government deems as safe Contactless Pickup will determine how you can operate, they could probit instore collection making Curbside and Drive-Thru your only options.

Customer Perception: Some customers are happy with deliveries and will opt to use delivery as a way of self-distancing, while others will prefer to collect the food to reduce possible food contamination.

The Goldilocks State: Like Goldilocks and the three bears, having food just right is important, unfortunately, with delivery food, you can’t always guarantee that the food will arrive on time and remain warm. Collection will reduce the risk of customers receiving cold food and ensure maximum freshness.

We are still a long way from sitdowns reopening, however, a combination of delivery and takeaways will help keep the industry going.

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