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Choosing the Right Point-of-Sale

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Choosing the Right Point-of-Sale for your restaurant

Choosing the right Point-of-Sale for your restaurant can be a daunting task. With the plethora of options out there to serve as the central hub for your restaurant, what is the right POS solution for your establishment?

What is a Point of Sale system?

A Point of Sale System -is the foundational element of a restaurant management platform and includes both hardware and software components.

Choosing the Right Point of Sale for Your Restaurant

The Hardware Component – Point of Sale Hardware.

There is a multitude of hardware that can be attached to your Point of Sale – Like credit card machines, printers, KDS, scales and cash drawer – to name a few. Read on if you want to know more about the key POS hardware

Choosing the Right Point of Sale

The Software Component – Restaurant Management Software

A is a general term for any program used to facilitate or manage operations and usually ships with a POS system. Some restaurant software includes tools for managing orders, inventory control, employee timesheets, and much more.

The software is designed to lighten your workload, streamline and even automate tasks to improve efficiency and ultimately, increase profits.

The POS system – Simplified

Every purchase made by customers goes through a POS system, and securely track sales, issues invoices, and accommodates various payment options.

Choosing the Right Point of Sale -How it all comes together

Choosing the Right Point of Sale -How it all comes together

With a clearer picture of how a POS system works, Choosing the Right Point of Sale boils down to a few considerations.

Do you want an All-in-One Platform?

An all in one platform offers a full range of products, including tableside ordering, a loyalty program, payment processing, workforce management, and more – usually comes with subscription-based prices with the option for monthly or annual payments.

Food-Service considerations

Do you want a complete technology suite built specifically for food-service? Offering different components, including POS, payroll and team management, ordering and delivery tools.

Reporting, Inventory, Accounting considerations

Do you need a solution that puts all your accounting, inventory, scheduling, and reporting on one platform?

Other Considerations

Any new POS system is going to require some training and learning about all the various tools available – Does your Point of Sale supplier give you access to any training or support?