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Choosing a Point of Sale Supplier – Part 2

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Choosing a Point of Sale Supplier – Part 2

In a previous article titled “Essential Considerations for Point of Sale Supplier Selection – Part 1,” we discussed important features to consider when choosing a point of sale supplier. These features included recording customer data, offering reservations, integrating online ordering, and enabling tableside ordering. While these features may not seem crucial at the moment, implementing them can bring numerous benefits in the long run. Now, let’s explore additional features that you should prioritize.

Choosing a Point of Sale Supplier Questions to Ask

Can I Add My Own Menu Items?

Is the process of creating menu items simple and time-efficient? Can you add new items in just a few minutes with easy steps? Or does it involve complicated and time-consuming procedures? It should be a straightforward process to include a new menu item. Adding a simple cheeseburger to your menu shouldn’t take up hours of your time. Sometimes, you might need to make urgent menu additions or subtractions, and you shouldn’t have to rely on external assistance for every change.

How Long Do System Changes Take?

Imagine it’s a Friday morning, and your sales representative informs you about a discounted sale on one of their products. This particular item is a top seller in your establishment, and by offering it at a reduced price, you can boost turnover for the evening. Can you easily apply the discount to the item from one terminal? Will the discount be reflected on all terminals, or do you need to update the system from the back office and restart it entirely?

Can Staff Members Use Any Terminal?

As a smart business owner, you’ve cross-trained your staff to provide assistance wherever needed. Can your bartenders only use the terminal behind the bar, or can they also utilize other terminals when helping the serving staff? Alternatively, if you prefer your serving staff not to process orders on the terminal behind the bar, can you restrict their access? Some staff members may require the flexibility to work from any terminal, while others may need access limited to specific terminals.

Can Orders Be Held Back by the Server?

Some servers prefer to record an order but delay sending it to the kitchen immediately. This practice helps with meal timing, ensuring that a main course doesn’t arrive right after a starter has been placed on the table.

Does the System Allow for Discounts?

Most bars run happy hour specials during specific days and times. Point of sale systems typically offer different pricing levels for each menu item and the ability to schedule them accordingly. To display these figures in your reports, you may need to create special menu items specifically for these discounts.

Although the process may initially seem lengthy and demanding, it’s essential to ensure that your point of sale supplier offers these features. Discovering a need for one of these features later on and finding out that your supplier doesn’t provide them can be frustrating. Even if a specific feature is currently unavailable, it’s worth discussing with your supplier to understand if they plan to include it in their offering in the future.