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Change How You Manage Your Team

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Change How You Manage Your Team

How you manage your Team has a lot to do with your mind set. Managing a team is no easy task. Relying on a team to take care of the day-to-day operation helps to free you up to focus on the direction of your business. You can have the best and the brightest, but you must guide and nurture your team to perform at their best. 

That’s where your role as a manager is so important. So how do you build up a team and encourage them to work more autonomously?

It has a lot to do with the way you approach each day. As a manager, you lead by example. When you set the right example, you begin to instil the kind of work ethic you look for in an employee.

Every time you show your staff the effort you are putting into your business and your team, you are giving 100% and leading by example that will attract the right kind of employees.

Reflect The Kind of Person You Want In Your A-Team

There are five ways to change your mindset and see a change in how you manage your business and staff.

Number One:  Keep organised notes. There is way too much to think about or to remember and focus on in a day. Keeping notes help organise your thoughts. Use a notebook/tablet/phone or your computer. Make it a habit by making short notes on the things that crop up on a daily bases;  from customer feedback to discussions with your suppliers. 

Number Two: Manage your time. Be five minutes early for your meetings and use that time to collect your thoughts for the meeting. This is where keeping organised notes can help guide your daily team scrums.

Number Three: Know your numbers – in this business, knowing your numbers is essential. Knowing your numbers will help you gauge how your business is doing and pick up patterns. Not sure what numbers you should know? This article will get you started.

Number Four: Prime your thoughts. Your thoughts affect how you tackle the day. It often shows in your demeanour and how you conduct yourself.

Making a conscious choice to take charge of how you view your day and the challenges you may face will begin to alter your interactions with staff and guests.

Number Five: Embrace change. Like it or not, the world around you is constantly changing. Your operation needs to evolve accordingly to your customers’ needs and operational changes. Keep track of where there is a service bottleneck, change your menus, and invest in tools that will simplify how your staff operate. 

The more you invest in making your business a success, the more you will achieve each day and continue to grow and expand your business.