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Can you be profitable & sustainable?

5 Ways you can be profitable while being sustainable

Can you be profitable & sustainable? With so much focus on sustainability in the media recently, you might be wondering “Can you be profitable and sustainable?”, now if you are in the hospitality industry then the answer is yes!

5 Ways you can be profitable while being sustainable

1) Switching to energy-efficient appliances.

The latest appliances have a better energy rating than older equipment which is great for the environment. Making the switch benefits you in two ways, a lower electricity bill and you benefit from a new manufacturing warranty.

Energy efficiency classes from A to G
Energy efficiency classes from A to G

2) Reduce, Recycle & Reuse.

Food wastage is a common dilemma for restaurants however focusing on sustainability you can better manage your wastage.

-Reducing food wastage by going through your menu and removing items that don’t sell or use costly ingredients that cannot be used elsewhere.

Our POS system has various tools that make it very easy to view your bottom 10 sellers/ Top 10 Sellers and conduct full recipe explosions with recipe cost, GP’s and portioning.

-Recycling might not make you a millionaire but it does provide job creation which in turn, fuels the economy and increases customer spending power

-Reusing what you have around you, now this might require a little creativity thankfully with sites like Pinterest you can find a wealth of ideas and inspiration!

Recycling Ideas
Recycling Ideas

3) Source Local.

Sourcing from local suppliers and producers not only supports Local business it also aids in job creation, fuels the economy and can reduce your distribution costs and your carbon footprint.

4) Partner with like-minded individuals.

There is an ever-growing list of customers, producers and suppliers that are focusing on fresh none-GMO’s foods and recycled/recyclable products.

Partnering with the right suppliers and producers will ensure repeat clientele by better meeting your customers’ changing needs.Read: 3 Tips for Reducing Single-Use Plastic:

5) Streamlining Your business

Concerning yourself, with how your business decisions affect the environment you will start to focus on streamlining your operation.

A prime example of how streamlining your operation can improve your profits and benefit the environment is optimising stock levels.

With our Stock Management System, it is a breeze to optimise your order levels and stock holdings with suggested orders via par levels or auto assist to keep your wastage to a minimum and reduce how often you need to order from your suppliers.

As you can see you can definitely be profitable while doing your part for sustainable living.