Mouthwatering Tips for Food Photography

Making your food look good through photography for your menus, website and social media is key. Here are some tips to consider when revamping your images:

  1. Use Fresh Ingredients - This seem quite obvious but is easily over looked. You are often photographing your dishes close up so even the smallest flaws will show up.
  2. The Best Side: Do not be afraid to take photographs from different angles, every dish has that one great angle that shows off the texture, shape and colour. Get creative by showing it in different ways.
  3. Up Close or Not: Close ups are great to show off food texture like the marbling in meat and distance shots are best to show off the presentation of your food.
  4. Light It Up: Lighting is everything, backlights are key to texture and making your dish look even more appetizing. Experiment with lighting angles to find the ones that best show off the individual dish you are photographing.
  5. Keep It Clean: Make sure that all plates and props holding the food are pristine, flawless and clean. Any imperfections will show up and make the dish look messy.
  6. Raw Ingredients and Props: Use non-patterned plates and bowls so that the food really stands out. Using fresh raw ingredients really promotes the wholesomeness of your dishes.
  7. Light Brush or Spray: Lightly brushing the vegetables with olive oil really makes them glisten or a light spray of water over a salad will make it look fresh.

Using these helpful tips when taking shots of your dishes will show your customers how amazing your food is. Good photography will help grow your business when you use these shots to advertise on your social media page, website and in your menus.