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take staff management to a new level.

Labour Management

GAAP’s Labour Management Module takes staff management to a new level.

Our Labour management module is a separate module that augments your operation. Plan, organise and improve time management with an easy to use application. 

Track who is coming in and out in a controlled and precise way using biometrics. Biometry, also known as Finger Print Scanning, is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance from not one but multiple locations. 

GAAP has developed an effective biometric program which enhances the effectiveness of your Point-of-Sale. Instead of punch cards or passwords that can be lost, forgotten or shared, an employee’s identity is tied to their fingerprint. Simply use the fingerprint scanner, and that’s it. The system automatically identifies who is entering or leaving the company and keeps exact records of the time and date. 

Labour Management

Labour Management Enterprise System allows you to take full control of your labour force to boost business profitability, productivity and growth through effective time management practices. 

Easily manage who’s allowed to be at work each day. Set up shifts and decide who’s working at what restaurant and what day and track it all from one convenient application. 

The benefits:

The benefits of the Labour Management Program:  

  • You pay your employees for the exact time they work. 
  • Staff Logger System at branch or enterprise level. 
  • No more unreadable paper time sheets, no more time calculations by hand, and you will avoid “Buddy Punching”. 
  • Print or Export accurate information in seconds! 

Powerful Dashboard.

Access to Powerful Dashboard. Our Labour Management Dashboard allows the enterprise (HQ) – to view all branch activities and manage your staff. 

  • View all your branches in one place.  
  • Last Activity to view the date and time a branch used the staff log function. 
  • Last Activity Date indicates the last time a branch communicated with the enterprise. 
  • Shift Planning Function allows branches to create shifts per staff member. 
  • Staff Scheduling Function provides a convenient way to schedule staff members per branch. 
  • View staff members’ punch in / out hours worked over a dated period. 


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