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5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media

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Five ways to engage with customers

Social engagement with customers is limiting under the current environment in which we find ourselves. While many restaurants, cafes, bars and quick services restaurants have taken to social media to interact and communicate with customers -finding creative ways to reach out to their customers via social media can be a daunting challenge.

If you are running out of ideas or looking for a little inspiration, here are five surefire ways you engage with your customers through social media.

5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media

Poles / Games / Challenges & Competitions:

5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media - Games and challenges

Engaging with your customers can be arduous with limited capacity and social distancing. Thanks to social media, you are still able to engage with your customers. Poles, quizzes, challenges and competitions are fun and exciting ways to get your followers to interact with your brand and stay entertained.

Take a look at some of the examples from Krispy Kreme, Mochachos and Roman’s Pizza for some inspiration.

5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media - Mochachos
Source: Mochachos Twitter page
5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media - Roman's Pizza
Source: Romans Pizza Twitter Page
5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media- Krispy Kreme
Source:Krispy Kreme

Share a Recipe:

5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media - Share a recipe

Sharing a recipe is another fun way to get your customers involved in your brand, especially for establishments like fine dining restaurants, where takeaway and delivery is not a good option.

You can also take this one step further – Like 9th Avenue Waterside, they crafted a challenge to recreate one of their dishes with the winner receiving a gift voucher to 9th Avenue Waterside.

5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media - 9th Ave Waterside
Source: 9th Avenue Waterside

You can also complement your shared recipe – with a concept of a meal kit. A meal kit takes the hassle out of having to do the food prep; everything is neatly packaged and brings in some much-needed income.

Engage with Virtual Events:

5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media - Virtual events

Static post on social media is not the only way to reach your customer. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube offer live streaming services to host watch events, there are also apps like Zoom, Discord and Twitch that offer similar ways of streaming content.

These services have made hosting virtual events very easy to manage – making way for some intriguing events. One such event includes – Speciality Coffee Association who had the world’s first Virtual Coffee Festival back in 2020.

Virtual coffee festivals aren’t the only events you can do, from Online wine tasting to cooking-courses there are an endless amount of live interactions you can have with customers. Here are 23 virtual wine tastings hosted around the world.

Social Concerns:

5 Ways to Engage with Customers via Social Media - Social Concerns

While fun virtual events, competitions and engaging content draw customers to your brand and serve as a reminder that you are still operating. Social-concerns is another way you and your customers can get involved.

Get involved with your community and show them you care – start a soup kitchen or donate to one and encourage your customers to get involved. Bellevue Cafe teaming up with Zero2Five Trust is a good example of how you can get involved.

A Relief Fund – is also an excellent place to begin – Lockdown has taken a toll on the hospitality industry. One way some restaurant have gotten their customers to rally together – is with a relief fund.

Have a look at – The Grillhouse relief fund – for inspiration. The fund was aimed at to help their waiters with the purchase of a voucher. These vouchers bring in some much-needed income by selling vouchers for use at a later date.

Show Your Guests Your Human Side:

Many restaurateurs treat their business as more than just another business, with employees and guests over time become part of the family.

It’s this human element of your restaurant that gets lost with limited capacity and social distancing – to bring back that sense of unity and the community you have become part of – there are a few things you can do.

  • Share your story.
  • Share why you started your restaurant.
  • Share your employee’s accolades.
  • Show your guests who the people are behind the scenes.

These are all quick posts you can put together using just photos or making videos on your phone.