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5 Reasons to Love Working in a Restaurant

5 Reasons to Love Working in a Restaurant

For most of us, working in a restaurant is all a part of growing up. You’ve just turned 16 and want to make some extra pocket money or you’re a passionate restaurateur in the making. It doesn’t matter why you’ve decided to work in a restaurant; it’s an incredible learning curve for everyone. The hours are long and the holidays are few but here are 5 reasons to love working in a restaurant:

  • It’s a Thriving Industry

    There will be times when the restaurant is more empty than full but eating is a basic human need. People go to restaurants for dinner when they want to celebrate a special occasion or don’t feel like cooking or simply to have a nice meal out. Many business people will have meetings at restaurants; it is a great half way point when offices are far out. Everyone’s favourite family restaurant, Spur, saw an increase of just over 12% in 2016. Several other franchises also saw an increase in sales last year and let’s not forget the independent restaurants whose figures are not available publicly.
  • Each Day is Unique

    If you’ve ever worked in an office then you will know the days can run into each other – it can become very monotonous. Working in a restaurant requires thinking on your feet – the food runner calls in sick so everyone has to chip in to cover the missing person so the customers don’t suffer. Sure, there will be slow days in the restaurant but there will be some fast-paced days that you’ll never forget.
  • You Can Make a Difference

    Every guest has a story and you have the opportunity to make an impact on their lives. A great restaurant experience could really turn around someone’s bad day or could contribute to an already great day. Did you hear about the little girl with the broken burger? The waitress and the manager made a little girl’s day when they fixed her burger. You can read the story here: Little girl’s experience at Chili’s Grill & Bar
  • You’re a Part of Someone’s Story

    When booking at your restaurant for a first date or a reunion or an anniversary, the customer is choosing to make your restaurant an element of their story. When they reminisce about that first date or reunion or anniversary, they will remember the experience they had in your restaurant.
  • You’re Part of a Team

    Many industries don’t require employees to work collaboratively towards a common goal. In a restaurant, working together towards a common goal is crucial. If the team is not working together then the restaurant will not run smoothly and efficiently which will affect the customer.

It does take a unique person to thrive in a restaurant – it’s not just an occupation, it’s a lifestyle. The challenges are endless but the rewards are worth it.