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3 Seasonal Hiring Tips

5 Reasons to Love Working in a Restaurant

The festive season is fast approaching and this often means hiring additional staff to cope with the (hopefully) influx of patrons. It is also your last opportunity to to achieve your year-end profit goals. Generally, doing things at the last minute is never going to bode well for your restaurant. You need to start thinking about your staffing needs for the festive season before December arrives – easier said than done, we know.

  • Start Early

    Put together a plan and begin engaging with past seasonal workers, current employees and your local community. Keep in touch with your seasonal staff throughout the year, this will create a positive end off to their time with you and you can gauge their interest in working for you next season. Don’t be afraid to accommodate request for flexible scheduling as most seasonal workers will be working for more than one place and they aren’t going to stick around if you’re not willing to accommodate them.

    Existing employees will most likely know and recommend people from within their own circles who would be a great fit for your restaurant. Consider offering a referral bonus to employees to help maximise your seasonal staff portfolio.

    Networking within the local community is important as not everyone will have access to the job websites like Indeed, Career Junction and so on. Consider putting a notice up in your restaurant window and chatting to community centres.
  • Set Standards High

    You want to recruit people who are going to represent your business in a positive light. Badly trained seasonal workers can have a detrimental effect on your business. A key question when interviewing potential seasonal hires is creating challenging scenarios and asking them how they would handle the situation.

    Prepare permanent staff for the demands of hiring and working with seasonal staff ahead of time. Make it clear that they will need to be available to assist with training the new staff members to ensure your customers don’t suffer. It will be in their best interests to train the new hires correctly if they are wanting leave over the busy period.
  • Know Your Audience

    Seasonal jobs attract a variety of people for a number of reasons. You may encounter stay-at-home parents who are wanting to make a little extra for Christmas, retirees looking to keep busy or increase their income, people who are temporarily out of work and students. You may also encounter more experienced people who are looking to supplement their income. A small group may even be just trying to get their foot in your door.

    Attracting such a wide audience often means using creative incentives to stand out from competitors. Before a candidate accepts a job, they will be considering the pay rates, the type of restaurant and how well the restaurant does within the community. Restaurants with recognisable names will be the most sought after. You could offer perks such as free lunch, flexible hours or paid time off.

The demand for seasonal workers is growing each year and, by taking a proactive approach, you can standout from your competitors as well as have a less stressful season. Understanding your needs, starting early and preparing for competition will help you navigate seasonal hiring with some ease.