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2020 Restaurant Industry Trends That Are Booming

2020 Restaurant Trends That Are Booming

Industry trends are important to keep track of, the hospitality industry is no different -the landscape is continually changing. Consumers tastes, the way they shop, their wants and values are always evolving. As a savvy restaurateur, you should be on the lookout for new ways to serve your customers.

Here are our top picks for 2020 Restaurant Industry Trends you should keep an eye on.

2020 Restaurant Industry Trends

Online Ordering.

In 2019 the South African online food delivery industry was worth R10.49 Billion and is estimated to be worth about R17.6 Billion by 2023(This was Post COVID Projections). Online ordering is growing faster than ever before. While Direct delivery still dominates, third-party apps Like Mr D foods are expanding rapidly with no signs of slowing down.

According to stats by Business Insider South Africa, Mr D Food has seen order growth over 210% in the 2018 fiscal year alone. Processing over R500 million in terms of orders over the same period and over 270 000 monthly users who actively make purchases-That is a lot of mouths to feed.

COVID-19 has only made more people aware of its viability and convenience of this high-growth-market. Restaurants looking to cash in on serving more customers should be expanding menu options for takeout and delivery.

Going green with sustainable food and Zero Waste.

Modern consumers are far more conscious of their purchases and their environmental impact. Lead to boycotting plastic straws and an increase in zero-waste practices.

Many chefs have already taken to using sustainable products and creating less waste by reusing and recycling as much as possible and avoiding purchasing foods with excess or wasteful packaging opting for more eco-friendly packaging and products. This zero-waste culture does have its perks chief of which is helping restaurants reduce costs.

Alternative options for the health-conscious.

Carb-free/gluten-free/lactose-free/plant-based diets are growing trends that are surging in popularity right now. Consumers have increasingly become aware of what they are putting into their bodies, and health-conscious parents are also concerned with what their children’s dietary requirements are.

People want to eat healthily. Having healthy items on your main menu and children’s menus, are going to become popular among restaurants looking to corner that market.

Home meal kits with pre-measured ingredients.

Homemade meals that promise restaurant-quality are trending. The potential for making people’s lives easier by cutting down prep time on food while promising a quality meal – offers the savvy restaurateurs and chefs a new way to reach their consumers and a new market.