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10 hallmarks of a great manager

10 hallmarks of a great manager

To be the best manager you can be, there are 10 hallmarks of a great manager you can add to your repertoire.

1) Learn to Listen:

In any industry where people are being served, it is very important to be able to anticipate guests’ needs. Take the time to interact with your guest, don’t just hear what they are saying but listen by giving them the chance to express themselves. It goes without saying but wait for them to finish before giving a response and communicate with your staff too. The more you get to know about your guests, the better you will get at anticipating their needs.

2) Work Smart & Hard:

The service industry, particularly the hotel business, is a 24/7 365 days a year responsibility. It demands lots of effort and lots of hours so you must learn to work smart. Tell your staff what your goals are, this will help everyone get on board and build a network of people you can rely on to streamline your operation – teamwork is important.

3) Balance High Tech & High Touch:

We rely heavily on technology, it certainly has its place in the service industry, but a personal touch is so important when dealing with people. Technology can work as helping hand but do not rely solely on technology to connect with your guests.

4) Lead by Example:

Getting your staff on board delivering the same consistent level of service can be a challenge, a tried and tested method has always been to lead by example. When putting in long hours, remember to greet your guests with a smile and keep up your cheerful demeanour. Behave as you would like your staff to behave.

5) Work as a Team:

You are the GM but that doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. You have a team and you are a part of that team so collaborate with them. Remember to give credit where it is due, staff will respect you for it and work better as a team.

6)Don’t Avoid Conflict:

Many of us tend to avoid conflict which can make difficult decisions quite a burden. When you see conflict on the horizon, try the following:

  • Speaking to your team early on
  • Weigh the pros and cons
  • Be honest with yourself and your staff

When you put in the effort to incorporating these 10 hallmarks of a great manager – you will see an improvement in your management skills and be well on your way to being the best manager you can be.