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10 Creative Easter Marketing Ideas

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10 Creative Easter Marketing Ideas

Easter is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to leverage the holiday spirit and increase sales. If you’re wondering how your restaurant can get in on the Easter marketing action, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 Eggcellent Easter Marketing Ideas that will help you bring in more customers to your restaurant, boost sales, and make this Easter season a memorable one.

10 Easter Ideas for your restaurant to bring in more sales.


1) Get Into The Festive Mood with Easter Marketing.

To start, consider getting into the festive mood by embracing the season with clever decor. For example, you can use brightly colored bunny footprints to lead customers right to your front door.

2) Get Your Staff Involved: Engaging Employees in Easter Marketing

Involving your staff is another great idea. Encourage them to participate in the Easter marketing campaign by wearing bunny ears, egg-shaped name badges, Easter-themed shirts, or even offering face painting for both staff and kids on the day. This will help tie your campaign together and create a fun atmosphere.

Themed Menu

3) Easter Discounts On Drinks & Meals: Special Easter Promotions

Offering Easter discounts on drinks and meals is an easy and effective way to attract customers. Analyze your top 10 best and worst-selling items, and rework your menu to feature more profitable dishes for this exclusive Easter promotion.

4) An Easter Themed Brunch Menu: Creative Easter Food Ideas

Another creative idea is to design an Easter-themed brunch menu to cater to the early crowd. Brunch provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your culinary creativity and offer a unique dining experience.

A visit from the Easter Bunny

5) A Visit From The Easter Bunny: Family-Friendly Entertainment

Provide entertainment for your younger patrons and engage the whole family by arranging a visit from the Easter Bunny. In addition to the Easter Bunny costume, consider pairing this experience with some of the following ideas.

Easter egg hunt

6) An Easter Egg Hunt With a Twist: Engaging Easter Activities

With or without the Easter bunny present everyone loves an Easter egg hunt. You can make it a traditional Easter egg hunt or one with a twist. Think about including some coupons with your Easter eggs.

Number 7 - Giveaways.

7) Easter Marketing- Giveaways.

Everyone loves a freebie, and Easter presents an opportunity to give back to your customers. Consider offering giveaways such as marshmallow Easter eggs, stickers, bunny-shaped chocolates, chocolate bars, or mini Easter egg baskets.

8) Sponsor an Easter Event Near You: Community Engagement

If hosting an Easter egg hunt is not feasible for your space, consider sponsoring an Easter event in your city. This allows you to connect with the community, promote your business, and offer an exclusive special to those who attend the event.

9) Put the Hop in Hops.

While the kids are occupied with their Easter egg hunt, face painting, or meeting the Easter Bunny, it’s time to engage the grown-ups. Plan a Hops Fest, involving local breweries and designing a themed menu that complements the Easter spirit.

10) Easter Marketing on Social Media.

Remember to make use of social media to promote and spread the word.

Promote your Easter offerings, spread the word about your special events, and engage your followers with a social media Easter egg hunt leading up to Easter. Hide Easter eggs in your posts and offer a prize for the first person who finds them all.

By optimizing your Easter marketing efforts using these creative ideas, you can attract more customers, increase sales, and make this Easter season a memorable one for your restaurant.