Top 5 Areas Hotel Cleaners Overlook

The hotel industry is a 24/7 operation, this includes holidays and birthdays, needless to say, it's a tough industry but very rewarding, impeccable service, beautiful decor, great food and a comfortable bed can all play a role in making a customer's experience unforgettable, unfortunately, in such a taxing environment things can be overlooked when getting a room ready for your guests.

Here are the top 5 areas hotel cleaners may overlook:

  1. Rooms with tubs: Remind your staff to check underneath and around the tub, that's a place some personnel miss.

  2. The glasses for toothbrushes: These glasses are not always washed since the cleaners are in a rush, often they are just rinsed. Have your cleaning staff replace these glasses with clean ones and send the dirty ones to be washed and ready for the next room cleaning.

  3. TV Remotes: The remotes for the TV are rarely cleaned, have your staff wipe them down, or even better invest in "Fresh Universal TV Remotes" these remotes work with most commercial TV's and feature a water-resistant surface for easy and safe sanitising.

  4. The Minibar: Although automatic mini-bars in hotel rooms do prevent many guests form taking things out of the fridge and tampering with the product before putting it back, not all hotels make use of these mini-bars, make sure your staff Checks the seals and the exp date on the items in the fridge before new guests arrive in their room.

  5. Under the bed: This is one place that is often overlooked when cleaning, remind your cleaning staff to check under the bed. Some Hotels have gone the extra mile to not only clean under the bed, but to also let the more inquisitive guests know that they have indeed cleaned under there.