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COVID-19 Lockdown

On the 23 March 2020, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the Natation declaring that as of Midnight on Thursday the whole country will be on strict lockdown for 21 Days.

While the government has committed to try to alleviate the financial crisis that the virus outbreak has caused and the loss of income of the lockdown, there are still concerns about what will happen going forward.

We aren't certain what will follow after the lockdown; what we do recognise is the hospitality industry will need to adapt to combat this pandemic.

Somethings you can do before and after the lockdown,

1) Have a Staff engagement session: Discuss with them what the Lockdown means and how it will be affecting the business and what to do moving forward.

2) Practise social distancing: Even before the news broke of the lockdown, many businesses have taken social distancing seriously and until we have any news on a vaccine or a cure it's vital to continue keeping a safe distance.

3) Follow the government guidelines: We are not certain what will happen after the lockdown; Once the lockdown is over the government will continue to communicate guidelines to follow.

4) Plan for change: Ultimately we need to treat this virus as a serious concern for the foreseeable future; Especially in the hospitality industry.Businesses and Staff in this industry are most at risk both from a health aspect and a financial one (due to downtime). Your business will still need to deal with the general public, and any new rules and regulations the government might impose.

During this time it's important to look after yourself; reflect on the weeks ahead and plan for the future, together we can overcome and move forward.