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5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant

5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant

Keep your restaurant on track, bring in the right crowd and build a business based on excellence with these 5 Tips for improving your Restaurant/Bar or coffee shop.

1.Bring the Energy.

Do you want the best out of your employees? Do you want to surround yourself with the great employees?

That all starts with you. You need to make sure you are at 100% when you go through the restaurant door, the mindset and energy you bring into your day-to-day activities at the restaurant is what builds that culture of excellence. Your staff feed off of your vibe, be the change you want to see.

2.Menu Analysis.

Menu analysis is a great tool for any restaurant. We have a whole article on how to get started. It helps you gain a better understanding of what your customers are buying and how that affects your profitability.

You are looking at what's popular, what's profitable and what's costing you money and just not selling.

Stars - These items are very profitable and very popular.
Workhorses - These items are very popular and have a lower profit margin.
Challenges - These items have a high-profit margin but aren't necessarily popular.
Dogs - These items are low on profit and low on popularity and need to come off of your menu ASAP!

3.Embrace Social Media and the Internet.

Everyone is online and on their phones. If you haven't embraced the internet of things, it's time you do because more customers are making restaurant decisions through social media and quick searches on Google.

Improve your online presence with these three strategies.

1) Make a point to be present on and market across all the social media platforms that your customers are on to maximise your reach and customer engagement.

2) Build a website or if you already have a website give it a revamp. Your website should be optimised for mobile use, to make it easier to navigate and improve customer experience while on their phones.

3) Register with GOOGLE My Business - Make sure your address, contact details and trading times are up to date.

4. Taking Stock and Crunching Numbers.

You need to be looking at your numbers, from stock count to the cost down to the penny of every menu item

The right Point of Sale System, reporting, budgeting, forecasting are all tools that successful restaurant owners and operators use to manage their restaurant and teams.

5. Keep up with Trends That Matter to Your Customers.

Change is inevitable, and the restaurant industry has seen a fair share of changes already, from the perception of fast food to new food and dietary requirements. Staying on top of restaurant trends that are important to your customers is essential in keeping them coming back to your restaurant.